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Why all days of our life are not equally joyful? Why do we experience sad moments? Why is life full of ups and downs?

The answer to all these question lies in our life itself and it is quite simple. Let us talk in terms of practical life. Many of you might love rain. You might find it soothing. But what if it rains 356 days a year? In that case, you will not be able to feel the joy when it rains, rather you will be frustrated. Rain will loose its essence. Or try this out: get yourself a piece of cake and a mug of coffee with 5tbsp of sugar. First of all, have that tempting piece of cake and now gulp in the coffee. You would notice that the coffee won’t taste sweet; rather it’d be bitter even after the presence of sugar in it. Why is that so? That’s because if we get something in excess, it eventually looses its essence.

Our life follows the same law. If we have a satisfied and happy life for a long time, we will soon loose the excitement and will term that happy life as ‘boring’. For the same reason, it is necessary to have ups and downs.

Let us try the above experiment again, but this time have a pinch of salt before drinking the coffee again. You would be surprised by the sweetness of the coffee which tasted bitter before. Suffering plays the same role as that of salt: they highlight the joy. On a more deeper note, if suffering goes out of life, it will take many things with it – we won’t ever have the courage to fight with our problems; we won’t ever know how it feels to struggle and win; there will be no need to have faith in God, and thus hope and prayers will loose their meaning and with all that happiness, respect for the unfortunates will also go out. Ask yourself. Will you be able to live happily without love, pity, compassion, hope and courage? Will you? I am sure no one will be happy without all these important elements of life. So now let’s stop cribbing about problems and follow the law of nature and take the problems head on.



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Be grateful, patient

Sometimes despite dedication and commitment things go wrong. That’s when it’s important to remember that god has something good for us. Someone once said `Agar apni marzi ka ho toh acha, aur agar apni marzi ka na ho to aur bhi acha, kyunki phir vo bhagwaan ki marz ka hota hai’. There is a beautiful story that comes to mind: One day a kid on earth came to know that god was distributing apples to humans in heaven. He was so excited that he went to heaven to get an apple from god.
There was a big queue and this kid joined it. When his turn came, the kid held out both its hands to receive the much-coveted present.
God gave him a big apple but his tiny hands couldn’t hold it. It fell down and rolled away in the muck. The kid was disappointed. God’s ministers informed him that he would have to join the queue again if he wanted another apple. The kid didn’t want to return empty handed so he joined the queue again.
This time the queue was even longer than the previous one. While waiting, the kid watched people returning with apples looking extremely satisfied. The kid thought, “Why didn’t I only get the apple when everyone else got it so easily?“ When his turn came, god gave the apple to the kid and said, “My dear child, last time after giving you the apple, I noticed that the apple I gave you was a rotten one and that’s why I made it fall from your hands. Having given you a rotten apple, I felt bad and wanted to give you the best apple in the farm. At that time the best apple in the farm was growing and that’s why I made you wait for so long. Now the apple which I have given you, is the best apple grown in the farm till date.“
Source : Hindustan Times, 9/7/2010


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True Relations

Last night messed up with thoughts I wanted to escape everything. I felt alone, I yearned for love and true relations in my life. I wanted people who could love without any motives or and bad intentions, people who won’t ever cheat on you, just then the purest relation knocked on my door, it was my pet dog. Yes I share one of the most serene, selfless, loving and true relationship with him. That’s because both of us love each other a lot, we can’t actually understand each other’s language but still we are happy when we are together, we know what other wants and we can understand each and everything one wants to convey, moreover none of us have any kind of motive…wish all relations were as pure as this one…the purest relation which exists on the earth is b/w a pet and his family who adopted him


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You are Special

It hurts when someone you love always forgets you and approaches you when he needs help, isn’t it? This is among one of those common things we crib about..
But then there is this weird and wonderful fact that when a person is in high spirits, he rushes to the person whom he loves the most even if they don’t want to be a part of his happiness, even if they will just ignore him and his good news. But when that person is depressed he will always approach the person who loves him the most because he is sure that he will get a genuine guidance and he knows that, he will be willing to listen to him no matter what. They are sure that even if that person is shattered from inside, they will still listen to him and help him. And we know that helping hands are much better than praying lips.
So next time you feel ignored and your special someone approaches you only when he is in bottomless trouble, don’t be sad over it, rather you will have a reason to rejoice because you can be confident that no one loves him more than you do. And someday that he will also become conscious of your way of thinking.


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Life saving atmosphere

I am posting again after a long time, I am sorry for that because I was really occupied with doing nothing. This was again a random thought, a thought about moon. Looks elegant isn’t it?
But on its surface lie thousands of creators. How did those creator formed? And well each one of us knows this. They are impact of collision of huge asteroids with it. Asteroids which are as huge as a size of mountain and whose collision can have power of up to 5megaton of war head. But then have you noticed that why those asteroids could never reach earth? The atmosphere of the earth makes the whole difference. It’s because of the atmosphere that the asteroid which causes creator on moon burns off when it enters earth. And thus protects the delicate form of life. Ok now let’s link it with our life. Problems in our life are like those huge asteroids which can actually have a huge impact on us. We might even think that its one of those toughest problem but then eventually we get hold on situation. You know those problems which come to us have lesser force then it could have…and why is that? Just like environment burns up the asteroid, our friends, family and our prayers protects us from problems by weakening its effect and we never notice this. Strange…something which is always around us is always protecting us…something which is so un-noticeable yet so important for our life.
So let’s not ignore the importance of our atmosphere (family, friends and god) and now let’s dedicate a moment to express our gratitude towards them…


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Gemstones in my Life

Since last week I am trying to figure out many things about my life and last 6 days have been really very annoying. Annoying because the people who I thought will always be with me, whom I always considered my best friend wasn’t there to support me during the time I needed them the most.
So I started reconsidering that who exactly my best friends are. Rather who exactly my special friends are. My heart was soon ready with all those names (names at end of the post). This time I wanted to be very sure about all this so I questioned myself that why am I considering them my best friends. Answer was quite spontaneous this time.
I found out that mean most to me because when I was in pain, they never gave me advice or a cure but they rather choose to share my pain and touch my wound with their warm and tender hand. There were times when I found tear in their eyes because I was going through hard time. These were the people who have been trough sleepless nights reason being I was disturbed. They forced me to have my meals when I wanted to skip it, they stayed with me in hour of grief and they always knew the big reason behind my small tears. I thank them for tolerating me when I used to be irritating. When I walked on the wrong path, instead of giving me directions they held my hand and forced me towards the right way. People who were as powerless as I was yet they faced reality courageously. In their presence I never had to face any problem alone.
You all are my life and without you my life will never me same again. Love you all and hope we all will be friends till out last breath. *touchwood*
Mona Sharma
Ashima taneja
Gurleen Gandhi
Himanshi Anand
Manya didi
Himani Sharma
Jasmine didi
Shefali seghal


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Biased Judge

I find many people commenting upon ones behavior, nature and many other things. People act as dual core processor when it comes to judging different people. They just review a person by his looks or what the other person said.
I find it extremely irritating when I hear people talking such negative things. How can they judge someone like that? People have no idea of what a person has been thru or what is he going through and still they love to talk crap about him. Suppose if Mr. Xyz avoid spending much then people will derive a simple conclusion that he is a miser but there could be a possibility that he is going thru financial crunch. Or in other case if Mr. xyz is not happy and seems depressed then people would say they he is a sadist or rather he is a negative person and lets maintain gap with him, but there could also be a possibility that he just lost his loved one. So instead of being judgmental why can’t we support him? Don’t we remember how we felt when we lost a loved one? Mr. Xyz is going thru same phase and needs emotional support. Do you think it’s right on people’s part to be so judgmental? Obviously it’s not. Because even u could have been a target of this. When you judge someone, you do not define them, you define yourself. Still if you want to judge them then judge them by the reputation of his foes.
So I am requesting u all to not to judge people until and unless you have lived their life because you don’t know about little things which he have been thru. And all such mean comments have a great potential to hurt someone. And it’s true that ever wound leaves all scar.


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