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Each action DOESN’T have an equal and oppsoite reaction

In our physics class we all have learned about Newton’s law which stated ‘each action has equal but opposite reaction’. And we have also learned that ‘just like light, energies also reflect back. If we use energy for something constructive it would have a positive result and if we use that energy for destructive purpose, it would have disastrous result’. Like take up nuclear power. This enormous energy can be used in favor of making (by generating electricity) and can even end mankind (nuclear bomb). Enough of boring science. Now let’s talk of something about our life…
Months back while I was lost in thoughts, I had a doubt, I question which made me sleepless for a few nights. Question goes like ‘ if in universe everything follows newtons law then does or prayers, good deeds and positive actions also have a so called negative effect? Dose god helps those who walk on path of evil? (Reason being if people would do negative action then result should be positive in order to prove the validity of a strong scientific fact.) I dived deeper into the pool of thoughts. I went on thinking upon present and I finally concluded that it was true as in my perspective today people who walk on path of good, path which says to help others, which shows faith on god are not the happiest people instead they have all reasons to cry. And people who are into all negative activities are enjoying life to fullest. But I was not satisfied with my conclusion.
So to get a satisfying answer I started approaching people with the same question which was like ‘if according to Newton each law has opposite reaction then does our good deeds and prayers too have a negative result…?’
Most of the people I approached tried to give me an explanation, which was again not appealing to me.
After a week or so when I approached my didi, I got an answer which finally satisfied me. She told me that people who are following the evil path may seem to be happy but they are not hip. See there is a great difference in may seem to be and actually being happy. She further added that even if they are happy in the present, it is just a temporary phase, on long run they would have to suffer a lot. And people who follow path of positivity may seem to be sad because of the tests of the life, but they are going to be victorious in all the tests without any doubt. So at the end Newton turns out to be an idiot because here is law is not valid enough to describe circumstances of life. Didi even said that our first preferred path is path of evil in which we might not face any difficulties. And not facing any difficulties is itself a sign of being on wrong path which means we should terminate immediately. So life follows a law of absorption and reflection of light. Good energies are reflected back and add positivity to our life. She concluded the all her wise words by giving a very important lesson that no matter what, never forget to follow the path that leads to eternal happiness.
It was the most satisfying answer I could have ever got.
A very special thanks to didi for giving me so much of wisdom.


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my best frnd

6 October 2008
Its navratri time again, almost a year since the most tragic incident of my life. Today in memory of my that very special friend, who had the most successful life, I would be sharing some of her thoughts. She was a friend who used to act as my mentor or I should even say mendor…dont know if this word exists in dictionary…but by addressing her as mendor I mean a person who used to mend my mistakes, my torn life and everything..
Here some of those beautiful thoughts goes like…

• Have trust on god, he is leading our way. What we need to do is just thank him everyday and demand (not pray) for a better tomorrow.

• Always and always give a chance to the person who loves you, not the one who you love, because that person whom ever let you down.

• Never over-do anything, it messes up the perfection

• Enjoy your life to fullest but that does not include toying with others dreams or feelings. So you need to be serious at the same time.

• Be a very humble and soft spoken person, you never know what lies ahead. Often simple looking people are your leaders.

• Care, a four letter word which can win all the hearts in the world. Care for each and every person who enters your life. Never let them feel that they were wrong in choosing you. You never know if it is the last time you are seeing or speaking to that person. So value each and everything, even time and your special moments.

• Don’t ever trust a person who hasn’t been in any crisis because he doesn’t know how it feels to be in trouble and he can let you down easily.

• Never show anyone except the people who you are close to that you are sad. Many people just ends up taking advantage of it and scratching you heart.

• At the end of the day think about your acts, and how did they affected others. If it made them have a smile then continue else you need to abort. In other words be considerate.

• Never have regret about anything. Let go off your past.

• Today whom you are taking for granted, tomorrow you are going to miss him/her like never before.

• Life is very colorful, give a chance to life, you mite experience some low moments but at the end of the day you will not regret it.

• Appreciate life, and cherish all the moments, take as many pics as you can and never let nostalgia bother you. Pics would remind you of all happy moments.

• Learn to let ho a person who is not mend to be yours. It will hurt you in beginning but you would be happy in future.

• Some people touches you life A lot, and then they goes far far away. Those people are send by god just to make your life happy and teach you many things.

• Help a child to smile, god will make sure to make you smile.

• Small gestures makes big difference. If something has fallen, bend before anyone else to pick it, this signifies respect.

• Have someone to share your true side, never hesitate in crying. Keeping things to yourself harms you more than crying.

• Always work hard no matter what circumstances are. Learn to challenge situation. If you want to live you have to struggle, that’s the law of nature

• Eat what you want and as much as you want.

• Never have regret about anything, it can’t be undone. Instead think ways to improve you mistake.

• Crave for perfection, its you job to be perfect.

• Always have control on your anger and desires. Show anger for injustice. Utilize this energy pool for positive work

• Dream big, if you won’t dream you won’t have the passion to work hard.

• Never act as a miser while spending on food or entertainment. Love and happiness doubles up on sharing.

• Realize value of holding hands. It can give a new courage when time tell you to back out.

• Realize the value of relations.

This was all friends. These were usually in form of scolding and even orders. I would always be thankful to her for leading my way and brightening up whole path. Another thing, it was just because of her that I started sketching. She taught me to love truly. She would always be an inspiration for me. Miss you my dear friend.


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lesson learned hard way

I want to share a lesson which life taught me hard way..while I was being scolded my best friend she said ‘v should not care for people so selflessly because all people we are caring for wont turn around and see when we would need them, a majority of people thinks about themselves and dump people when they don’t need them, she further said that from now take care of yourself first and then think about what others want.’ i took it all lightly but during night when i was sleepless i started thinking of what she said..and i started realizing that this was really was making me uncomfortable.. I realized that she was right when she said that only a few people cries with us in our problem..And family members are one who cares the most..I called up my elder sis and told her what happened with me that day, and even she told me that it was all right..It’s right that only few people cares for you selflessly and we don’t even realize it..So we are really ignorant and gives them cold responses.. like this slowly we loses the person who really cares for us frm bottom of their heart and its the biggest loss of our life..and yes we realize it soon after we have lost such person and when nothing could be done to change v should never ever b cold with people who cares for us or else it might register as regret for thru out our life, it really hurts both the ends of relationships
Sum1 truly said ‘there is so much of chaos in the world that things which are supposed to b sacrificed are loved and people who are supposed to be loved are sacrificed for useless thing’ things wont lend us a shoulder when life is surrounded by never ending darkness..y don’t people realize this simple thing..i wish world could have been a better place to live with every human being caring for each other the way they should.
True that ‘people changes as there status changes, only few remember what life was before, who has been in most painful situation’.


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One of my friend asked me about my sketch. She told me that they all looks like something in fairytales. So I was just thinking something about it. Here what it goes like..

No matter how many ups and downs we are going thru’ but it’s the human nature to think in a positive way when it comes upon future. None of us would really have imagined a future life full of disasters, full of emotional downs, an aloof life, we always thinks that our future life would be peaceful, with lots of happiness and a very much socially active life. Somewhere deep in heart we all crave for a life which is perfect, something which is really luxurious and has no place for sadness. Something which we used to hear in bed time stories when we were young, where every ending is a happy ending. And this is the only feeling which keeps us on our toes during worst of moments. Just the hope for a brighter tomorrow can change a lot. Same way even I wish for a perfect life. So as my thoughts are about it. My sketch usually consists of what I feel. So just like our thoughts they have to be perfect and full of positivity…isn’t it?


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holding hands

Holding hands is a connecting activity; it not just connects people but also souls and links up emotions. Two people hold each others hand only when they are emotionally bonded. Considered as best cure for depression, loneliness and continues failures. Being human we all long for affection and holding hand is another way to show affection towards people you love.
When we are born our parents are the first one to hold our hands which gives us feeling of safety and protection. As we grow up we learn to walk by holding hands. At this time when our parents give us their hand, we are sure that nothing can happen to us. Second relation when we hold someone’s hand is friendship, it has got the most priceless value because here we learn to grow up socially. We learn to be there for each and every person. Then next we hold hands of our soul mate where we mite even skip some of our heartbeats. And finally we give our hands to our children to show that we care for them, to help them walk and face life.
This always has a very positive and serene effect in our life. Many a times we looses all our strength and hope…during moments when life tells us to back out, if at that time a close person connects to us, it can give us immense courage and feeling of security. It can transform a rat into napoleon, who fought even though after a series of failures.
It even cements our feeling, laying a very strong foundation for future relationship. We can converse silently by holding hand. Most important thing in a crisis is emotional support which gives the feeling of protection. So needless to say that holding hands fastens the healing process in case of situation like break ups. So before we end it up all here lets just determine to be present for people around us.


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invincible way to protect ur relations

Once again sailing thru sleepless nights i was trying to search for some answers, at that moment a random thought struck my mind. I thought why should we forgive people, y to trust them even after they ditched us..ans was just next to me..didi told me that..relationships are like a Rubber band..and our anger and so called ego acts as a force of tension i.e. a pull on both the end. And as we know that if we are going to pull a rubber band beyond its elastic strength it will break so being angry with the other person or not leting go our own ego will built tension in the relationship beyond the limit it could bear and so the rubber band will break hurting both the wat we need to do is just let it loose so that the relationship is harmonious..forgive the person whom We are angry with, just think abt his or her importance in our life..we wont get the person back after we lose them..just realize what is important, our ego or that person. By keeping the rubber band in our mind we will be able to let go even the biggest mistake of the other person. Sometimes we need to ignore the truth so as to keep the relationship intact..after dii told all this to me i realised that yes it was true indeed and that was what i used to do when situation demanded..
This blog is an answer to the person who thinks that my leting go attitude was my was just that i cared for you..
Neways so ppl out there try this out and u r surely going to prevent ur relationship from breaking
And again i thank didi for giving so much of ‘guru gyaan’ 🙂


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