Hello world!

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7 responses to “Hello world!

  1. So, 8th March was when you started blogging =P
    I restarted blogging on 5th March O.O

  2. thoughtstoponderabout

    nopes i started it long back..but i joined wordpress coz blogspot is blocked by firewall in my hostel..so..

  3. thoughtstoponderabout

    yep i noticed tht u restarted blogging on 5th 🙂

  4. These firewalls na… I hate them X.X
    They’ve already bothered a lot many of my friends X.X

    And you’re good at noticing =D
    Gosh… It was written on the right side of my blog… Of course you’d have noticed it =P


    • thoughtstoponderabout

      me too…even orkut dosent works over there 😦
      thank you…and i even loved the lines u wrote..the bridge one..

  5. M. M.

    … That’s my favourite quotation (:
    And don’t you worry… Orkut is boring. If asked me =P

  6. thoughtstoponderabout

    hehe yeah…i like facebook now… 🙂

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