incomplete dreams

Sometimes it feel so hurt when you think that your dreams didn’t come true and then when you die you take away all your dreams and those LITTLE moments of your life when you really smiled from your heart.

Why we get these types of moments in our lives? Some dreams and wishes will be always in your heart which never came true under any circumstances.
So why don’t we forget it? Ah…we can NEVER throw those dreams out of hearts…….nor can we stop dreaming because if we wont dream big we wont really live, and again we cant stop expecting frm others and hoping for a brighter future..
but then y cant v forget heartrending moments of our life..?
Some memories are worth cherishing and others are not…and well its an important part of life, if we would forget those moments than we would do the same mistake again which we did in past…but the way to live is not to mourn over those sad memories, we cant call them worthless because they taught us how to live..Like when first time we touched a live wire and got an electric shock, it taught us not to go near a live wire…so till this date we are living on the lesson learned that day…
Sometimes in life it seems that life is not worth living, it’s usually during emotional ups and downs, but during that time we are learning to cope up with stress…to fight the isolation…
Nothing much can be done to forget the unpleasant part of life but what we can really try is pack them up and throw in some inaccessible corner of our mind where those memories don’t surface again, and if they do sing ur favorite song and go on a stroll..or get involved in ur hobbies and try to move on..


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