my 18th bday

Growing up is part of life and 18th bday is an important part of it. Everyone waits for it desperately, and so was I. Everyone has a wish that their 18th birthday should be something special, even I wished this but I knew that it won’t be anything special, instead it’s going to be the worst birthday of all years because I was stuck up in hostel between the bossy warden and tardy clock hours.
I wished to be home but it wasn’t really possible. So all those wishes were buried. Finally clock struck 12 and phone started buzzing. First one had to be my sister which is an informal tradition from last 2 years until which my best frnd m*** used to be the first one to wish me, which was an enduring process since 6 years…so the bday also brings a pain of some unforgettable scars. But am sure that her wishes are always with me… Next day I got a surprise when my cousin Manya and a frnd Himani came at my hostel with a chocolate cake…so my day started getting better, v went on an day trip to Agra, nearest tourist attraction near my hostel and by the evening I was back.
Still I wasn’t convinced and had in my mind that my day could have been more fun and cherishing. Again phone rang and I dint knew that it would completely change my perspective about my day. It was my youngest cousin Poorva. Shez 8 years old, and while wishing she exclaimed ‘ bhaiya I really miss u’, which was full of innocence and love, it was a turning point. I realized hw special my day was with Manya dii coming all d way to hostel and d special words my cousin said, my day ended up in tears realizing hw lucky I was with so many gems in my life..!!
It’s going to be the most unforgettable bday of my life…



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5 responses to “my 18th bday

  1. You’re an emotional person (:
    Manya sounds cute… What happened to your best friend? O.O

    • thoughtstoponderabout

      umm u rite abt tht….
      and manya well for me shez d most special person in my life…
      umm my best frnd passed away in a major accident :(( in october 2007

  2. Aawww…. that’s so sad. Sorry ):

  3. thoughtstoponderabout

    hmm…frgt it…neways thanks for reading 🙂
    take care

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