most special sketch



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  1. You drew it? It’s cute (:

  2. P. S. I’m not into Anime.. So, I can’t tell who she is =P

    My apologies for that (:

  3. thoughtstoponderabout

    and i made it for my best frnd only..
    i have more sketches…if u wish u culd see thm on my orkut profile 🙂

  4. Well, it’s kinda reserved (:
    I hope you don’t mind.

  5. thoughtstoponderabout

    oh..yep thts perfectly alrite… 🙂

  6. M. M.

    I just noticed… you’ve saved this pic as ‘most special sketch”… Why is that so? (:

    • thoughtstoponderabout

      umm….its coz i dedicated this sketch to that special friend….for one whom i wrote that article..all those everlasting memories are like so special for me…and i dont think tht i wuld ever b able to get over this incident..:(
      and reason y i made this sketch for her was tht she also used to lay around whole day on her couch…so this makes me recall all those beautiful moments tht v had together..fiting over small issues..studing all day long jst before xam..thn waiting for d evening so tht v culd go out n play…i wish i culd jst change sumthings..
      neways i think i bored u a lot…
      take care

  7. Hehehe… No, what was sweet (:
    Best of luck. Sometimes things gotta change.

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