b the king of your life

Hi friends, did you ever though that why do we call ‘LION’ as ‘king of the jungle’? Ok, before we began I would like to ask some questions. No confusing riddles, just some simple questions. Here we go… 1. Name the fastest animal of jungle .. .. .. .. Right, its cheetah, ok another one… 2. Name the most cunning animal… .. .. .. .. Right, its fox…Ok now last one… 3. And what about the strongest? .. .. No, its not lion, neither tiger .. .. Its Elephant… Lion is neither the strongest animal nor the fastest, then why do we call it as king of the jungle? No more wild guesses. Let us began. It is seen that when a lion goes for hunting, it first observes its prey very carefully. He keeps observing it, no matter how hungry he is. Then he waits for the right moment and attacks it with all his power and concentration. So he rarely fails. So what we have observed is that it has lots and lots of patience. And because of this quality of patience he is given the title of the king of jungle. It just highlights the importance of patience. Let me tell you all another fact about lion. Usually what we see is that when an animal dies, it is scavenged by scavengers but in case of lion, no other animal has audacity to go near his corpse. He decays just because of action of micro organisms. This shows the strength of patience and lion. So today let’s make a firm determination that we all would never loose our cool and will always be patient and determined to be a great victor.



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9 responses to “b the king of your life

  1. Patience… (:
    Wow… that was quite informative and interesting and motivational =P

  2. thoughtstoponderabout

    bt tough to apply in daily life 😦

  3. lol…. yeah…. I’m quite impatient =D

  4. thoughtstoponderabout

    so am i :p

  5. But, at least, you wrote something like that, which is one way of improving… I usually DON’T bother to ponder over the flaws in me ):

    • thoughtstoponderabout

      there is a theory abt it which i read in a book by ‘robin sharma’..here wat it goes like
      “Awareness precedes change :- once v gt to know about our short comings v automatically starts taking steps in order to improve it. And we can take extra efforts by searching abt it on internet, books etc”
      so months back i made a list of things which i wanted to improve in me..and now when i look back i think i have changed many things about myself..
      take care

  6. M. M.

    That’s a very good theory…. I should start working on my list, too =P

    Thanks for sharing (:
    And apologies for taking all the time to check your blog. Life’s been messy and busy ):

  7. thoughtstoponderabout

    thank you..
    and nw m sry for replying late…was busy with college work…
    take care

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