Each action DOESN’T have an equal and oppsoite reaction

In our physics class we all have learned about Newton’s law which stated ‘each action has equal but opposite reaction’. And we have also learned that ‘just like light, energies also reflect back. If we use energy for something constructive it would have a positive result and if we use that energy for destructive purpose, it would have disastrous result’. Like take up nuclear power. This enormous energy can be used in favor of making (by generating electricity) and can even end mankind (nuclear bomb). Enough of boring science. Now let’s talk of something about our life…
Months back while I was lost in thoughts, I had a doubt, I question which made me sleepless for a few nights. Question goes like ‘ if in universe everything follows newtons law then does or prayers, good deeds and positive actions also have a so called negative effect? Dose god helps those who walk on path of evil? (Reason being if people would do negative action then result should be positive in order to prove the validity of a strong scientific fact.) I dived deeper into the pool of thoughts. I went on thinking upon present and I finally concluded that it was true as in my perspective today people who walk on path of good, path which says to help others, which shows faith on god are not the happiest people instead they have all reasons to cry. And people who are into all negative activities are enjoying life to fullest. But I was not satisfied with my conclusion.
So to get a satisfying answer I started approaching people with the same question which was like ‘if according to Newton each law has opposite reaction then does our good deeds and prayers too have a negative result…?’
Most of the people I approached tried to give me an explanation, which was again not appealing to me.
After a week or so when I approached my didi, I got an answer which finally satisfied me. She told me that people who are following the evil path may seem to be happy but they are not hip. See there is a great difference in may seem to be and actually being happy. She further added that even if they are happy in the present, it is just a temporary phase, on long run they would have to suffer a lot. And people who follow path of positivity may seem to be sad because of the tests of the life, but they are going to be victorious in all the tests without any doubt. So at the end Newton turns out to be an idiot because here is law is not valid enough to describe circumstances of life. Didi even said that our first preferred path is path of evil in which we might not face any difficulties. And not facing any difficulties is itself a sign of being on wrong path which means we should terminate immediately. So life follows a law of absorption and reflection of light. Good energies are reflected back and add positivity to our life. She concluded the all her wise words by giving a very important lesson that no matter what, never forget to follow the path that leads to eternal happiness.
It was the most satisfying answer I could have ever got.
A very special thanks to didi for giving me so much of wisdom.



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2 responses to “Each action DOESN’T have an equal and oppsoite reaction

  1. angelkhushi

    a gud reply frm ua di!..
    i really aprecaite her!..
    nd this post made me too confused first..dn after readin more its cleared!..

  2. SJ

    thankus 🙂
    most of my posts are confusing coz even i dont knw wat am i writing :p

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