invincible way to protect ur relations

Once again sailing thru sleepless nights i was trying to search for some answers, at that moment a random thought struck my mind. I thought why should we forgive people, y to trust them even after they ditched us..ans was just next to me..didi told me that..relationships are like a Rubber band..and our anger and so called ego acts as a force of tension i.e. a pull on both the end. And as we know that if we are going to pull a rubber band beyond its elastic strength it will break so being angry with the other person or not leting go our own ego will built tension in the relationship beyond the limit it could bear and so the rubber band will break hurting both the wat we need to do is just let it loose so that the relationship is harmonious..forgive the person whom We are angry with, just think abt his or her importance in our life..we wont get the person back after we lose them..just realize what is important, our ego or that person. By keeping the rubber band in our mind we will be able to let go even the biggest mistake of the other person. Sometimes we need to ignore the truth so as to keep the relationship intact..after dii told all this to me i realised that yes it was true indeed and that was what i used to do when situation demanded..
This blog is an answer to the person who thinks that my leting go attitude was my was just that i cared for you..
Neways so ppl out there try this out and u r surely going to prevent ur relationship from breaking
And again i thank didi for giving so much of ‘guru gyaan’ 🙂



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10 responses to “invincible way to protect ur relations

  1. Gosh…. who’s your didi… tell me that first? =P By now, I’ve seriously read a lot about her =P
    Here’s one of my favourite piece of peotry:
    “Wafa ke laaj main us ko mana laitay to acha tha Faraz
    Anaa ke jang main aksar judai jeet jati hai.”
    Do try to understand it… it’s related to your post (:

    • thoughtstoponderabout

      umm remember u read abt manya…in the post “my 18th bday”….shez my dii
      and i understood the shayri..these lines are really beautiful nd i think u summarized complete article in these 2 lines in really beautiful way.. (:
      thank you

  2. Ahan… I’m a fan of your didi =P

    And you’re welcome (:

    P. S. I’m NOT really sure if that piece is written by Faraz. It’s just that I once receive the stanza in the form of an sms once… and saved it, for I found it quite touching and pure (:

  3. Priyanka

    amazing…da article is simply worth loads f appreciation…but i hav a questn in my mind dat distrbs me a lot…
    I understand sometimes its needed to let go off da mistake of da othr prsn bt evrytme u just cant ignore..what if da most imp prsn in uo lfe starts taking dis for granted..den???

  4. Priyanka

    what if he evry times pulls da trigger of uo patience..!!!???

  5. SJ

    umm then believe me that person is not worth all your time..i was going through this phase of my life and i always used to cry, thinking my life would change if she wont be a part of my life, but then after constant hurts i moved her out of my life and i am actually relieve, no more tearful nights, no more sad thought, no more worries…and after a week i dont even miss her….

  6. SJ

    so its like yes there is a time when its enough, i kept my cool for like 3 years but thn i knw it was enough now/.

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