lesson learned hard way

I want to share a lesson which life taught me hard way..while I was being scolded my best friend she said ‘v should not care for people so selflessly because all people we are caring for wont turn around and see when we would need them, a majority of people thinks about themselves and dump people when they don’t need them, she further said that from now take care of yourself first and then think about what others want.’ i took it all lightly but during night when i was sleepless i started thinking of what she said..and i started realizing that this was really true..it was making me uncomfortable.. I realized that she was right when she said that only a few people cries with us in our problem..And family members are one who cares the most..I called up my elder sis and told her what happened with me that day, and even she told me that it was all right..It’s right that only few people cares for you selflessly and we don’t even realize it..So we are really ignorant and gives them cold responses.. like this slowly we loses the person who really cares for us frm bottom of their heart and its the biggest loss of our life..and yes we realize it soon after we have lost such person and when nothing could be done to change it..so v should never ever b cold with people who cares for us or else it might register as regret for thru out our life, it really hurts both the ends of relationships
Sum1 truly said ‘there is so much of chaos in the world that things which are supposed to b sacrificed are loved and people who are supposed to be loved are sacrificed for useless thing’ things wont lend us a shoulder when life is surrounded by never ending darkness..y don’t people realize this simple thing..i wish world could have been a better place to live with every human being caring for each other the way they should.
True that ‘people changes as there status changes, only few remember what life was before, who has been in most painful situation’.



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15 responses to “lesson learned hard way

  1. I side with you (:
    Bitter, but true.

  2. (:
    P. S. I’ll check the remaining posts ASAP (:

  3. thoughtstoponderabout

    thank u ji

  4. M. M.

    You’re welcome 😛
    Actually I’d love to go through it all very soon, but it’s hard to do so… I mean you come online for an hour or so, and there’s mailboxes to check, Facebook, Orkut, my own blog…and it goes on and on X.X 😛

    • thoughtstoponderabout

      yes i truely understand..same is the case with me in working days….can only sit for long durations whn university is off….
      take care

  5. thoughtstoponderabout

    and even i have to read ur new posts bt not getting time coz m in hostel all dese days.. 😦

  6. Hehe… Na, that’s okay… Just read them whenever you can (:
    And hey, add new posts na =P
    The old ones… well, I’m taking some time to read them…but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wanna read your new posts (:

    • thoughtstoponderabout

      i finaly read all ur new posts…again loved them…u r really creative…
      lol yes i have to add many posts but not getting time…busy life of a student :p hehe

  7. lol…. Same here…. =P
    Actually I do get time to add new posts… but I’m not getting time to go through others’ posts ): OR to spend proper time at Facebook OR Orkut… I’ve messages pending that need to be replied ):
    There’s always one thing or the other… Few days back, I was busy in writing the dialogues for a class play, and then another play comes up =P It’s called WORDS AND MUSIC by Samuel Breckett…. working on it these days ): Do try reading it… You’d find it very confusing =D
    And thanks for considering me ‘creative’… =P


    • thoughtstoponderabout

      oh..i knw abt the topic which i want to write bt thn its jst d lack of time and basically laziness to b blamed for :p
      and sure i will read this play..and well i am always having exams 😦 ever month..:(
      take care 🙂

  8. Exams… every month? *frown*
    Poor, poor you =P
    Okey dokey… best of luck for your Exams… (:
    And I’m waiting for the new posts *fingers crosses* =P

  9. M. M.

    That’s really good…. Keep posting (:

  10. thoughtstoponderabout


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