my best frnd

6 October 2008
Its navratri time again, almost a year since the most tragic incident of my life. Today in memory of my that very special friend, who had the most successful life, I would be sharing some of her thoughts. She was a friend who used to act as my mentor or I should even say mendor…dont know if this word exists in dictionary…but by addressing her as mendor I mean a person who used to mend my mistakes, my torn life and everything..
Here some of those beautiful thoughts goes like…

• Have trust on god, he is leading our way. What we need to do is just thank him everyday and demand (not pray) for a better tomorrow.

• Always and always give a chance to the person who loves you, not the one who you love, because that person whom ever let you down.

• Never over-do anything, it messes up the perfection

• Enjoy your life to fullest but that does not include toying with others dreams or feelings. So you need to be serious at the same time.

• Be a very humble and soft spoken person, you never know what lies ahead. Often simple looking people are your leaders.

• Care, a four letter word which can win all the hearts in the world. Care for each and every person who enters your life. Never let them feel that they were wrong in choosing you. You never know if it is the last time you are seeing or speaking to that person. So value each and everything, even time and your special moments.

• Don’t ever trust a person who hasn’t been in any crisis because he doesn’t know how it feels to be in trouble and he can let you down easily.

• Never show anyone except the people who you are close to that you are sad. Many people just ends up taking advantage of it and scratching you heart.

• At the end of the day think about your acts, and how did they affected others. If it made them have a smile then continue else you need to abort. In other words be considerate.

• Never have regret about anything. Let go off your past.

• Today whom you are taking for granted, tomorrow you are going to miss him/her like never before.

• Life is very colorful, give a chance to life, you mite experience some low moments but at the end of the day you will not regret it.

• Appreciate life, and cherish all the moments, take as many pics as you can and never let nostalgia bother you. Pics would remind you of all happy moments.

• Learn to let ho a person who is not mend to be yours. It will hurt you in beginning but you would be happy in future.

• Some people touches you life A lot, and then they goes far far away. Those people are send by god just to make your life happy and teach you many things.

• Help a child to smile, god will make sure to make you smile.

• Small gestures makes big difference. If something has fallen, bend before anyone else to pick it, this signifies respect.

• Have someone to share your true side, never hesitate in crying. Keeping things to yourself harms you more than crying.

• Always work hard no matter what circumstances are. Learn to challenge situation. If you want to live you have to struggle, that’s the law of nature

• Eat what you want and as much as you want.

• Never have regret about anything, it can’t be undone. Instead think ways to improve you mistake.

• Crave for perfection, its you job to be perfect.

• Always have control on your anger and desires. Show anger for injustice. Utilize this energy pool for positive work

• Dream big, if you won’t dream you won’t have the passion to work hard.

• Never act as a miser while spending on food or entertainment. Love and happiness doubles up on sharing.

• Realize value of holding hands. It can give a new courage when time tell you to back out.

• Realize the value of relations.

This was all friends. These were usually in form of scolding and even orders. I would always be thankful to her for leading my way and brightening up whole path. Another thing, it was just because of her that I started sketching. She taught me to love truly. She would always be an inspiration for me. Miss you my dear friend.



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2 responses to “my best frnd

  1. angelkhushi

    m gone speechless nd even water fillled up ma eyes…
    whuz dix lovely friend of uaz?..
    m sowie if i asked rong 😦

  2. SJ

    shez monica…she is my bst frnd…v have been together since v r in first…so v kinda grew up together…she had a major accident in october 2007…bt still she resides in our heart…v wont eva eva frgt her

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