One of my friend asked me about my sketch. She told me that they all looks like something in fairytales. So I was just thinking something about it. Here what it goes like..

No matter how many ups and downs we are going thru’ but it’s the human nature to think in a positive way when it comes upon future. None of us would really have imagined a future life full of disasters, full of emotional downs, an aloof life, we always thinks that our future life would be peaceful, with lots of happiness and a very much socially active life. Somewhere deep in heart we all crave for a life which is perfect, something which is really luxurious and has no place for sadness. Something which we used to hear in bed time stories when we were young, where every ending is a happy ending. And this is the only feeling which keeps us on our toes during worst of moments. Just the hope for a brighter tomorrow can change a lot. Same way even I wish for a perfect life. So as my thoughts are about it. My sketch usually consists of what I feel. So just like our thoughts they have to be perfect and full of positivity…isn’t it?



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3 responses to “perfection

  1. M. M.

    I side with you… You know, more or less, I’ve the same views (:

    P. S. The post was touchy.

    • thoughtstoponderabout

      🙂 u knw its really a joy talking to ppl who have same views….
      thanks again
      take care
      and keep 🙂

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