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Trusht olmity

Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel, stop deciding with our mind what we want our heart to feel, sometimes we just have to go with ‘watever happens happns for a reason’
I found this quote on facebook and i really loved it..its true tht “sum times v have to stop thinking and belive that god will sought out everything..” 🙂

Looking back, i realize that many things that have happend in my life are for good (which i criticised earlier)..people who knws me well knw wat am talking abt… So a word to all readers, wheneven u feel low, whenever u feel that things are not going according to the plan, just belive that things are going according to gods plan and v neednt worry abt it coz jst like parents cant see dere child in trouble and always gives him d rite advice, in same way god is watching  all our steps and ensuring that v walk the write path.



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worst moments!

Whats the worst feeling in the world? Well last night an incident gave me an answer to this..It’s being forgotten by the person whom u never thought of giving up, the person u really cared for..Wait no, it’s not the worst feeling, u feel worst when they call u after 8 months not to ask u how u r but to ask for a favour..Ouch, it hurts..Isnt it? Well in my case it pierced my feelings and left me in tears thru out nite..y does ppl changes so easily? Y don’t they realize the value of relationship.. This made me realize that all decisions can not be taken emotionally, sum need to b tackled by brain.. True that spoiled relationships hurts more thn broken ones P.s. I tried to overcome the increasing communication gap but getting a cold response every time drains out all efforts.. Thank you “m**** and h******* for holding my hand thru out these cloudy moment.. 🙂


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Relation b/w life and a jug of water

♥ Relation between Life and a jug of water ♥
While talking to dii once again a random conversation went into deep philosophical discussions…this time it was a lesson based upon some experience… 🙂
Dii started by saying…life is like a jug of water…a jug of water which we are offering to sum1 else with salt dissolved in it…and v are asking the person to drink it…when he tastes it he realizes that its sour and complaints abt it…that’s what our life is…person only gets to know us after talking to us..And so what is our mission in life? Our mission is to add sugar to this jug so that the water sweetens up…and it is upon us to decide how much sugar to add…but the question arises is that how to add sugar in our life? Is it as easy as dissolving in coffee? Is it available in market? Well we have to sweeten this jug of water by adding positivity to our life, positivity is sugar…now again the question comes is how to add positivity…positivity can b added by being compassionate, by having faith on creator.Thee faith should b like of a child who is throw in air by his parents and who laughs knowing that nothing would happen to him..And by giving rise to a sprit of spreading happiness…but then this doesn’t solves problem…what we have to check is that while adding sugar v are also preventing salt to enter our jug..So v should b firm to with ourself and only add sugar so as to sweeten the water in jug..;D

  • Key points
  • Be compassionate..:)
  • Have faith on god..:D
  • Spread good ideas where ever u go… 😛


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Youthful thoght

I was going thru’ a book ‘a youthful diary’ and i found this article abt helping others…It stated that help is of 3 types
1. Primary help
2. Secondary help
3. Tertiary help

Whats the difference b/w 3…lets check it out. Primary help is in case when we directly help person, it has short term effects…to understand this we will take up a daily life example…for example one of our friend is going thru a financial crunch and he approaches us so as to borrow sum money as he has lost his job…
Case 1
We don’t have the money or we don’t wish to give him coz of sum reason and just offers him with sweet words…this dint really helped him so v call it as primary help

Case 2 We give him the amount of money and help him…it has short term effect because 2moro the money wont last and again he would be in a need of money…or say We also don’t have the money but we try hard and arrange the sum from some where and give it to our friend…and advice him to find another job quickly…this would b considered as secondary help

Case 3
We help him finding a job and do away with his financial crunch and at same time advice him on surviving in market and being with him in his difficult time, this is considered as tertiary help and has the longest effect…its because we have gone to the root of problem and applied a permanent solutions

So the conclusion goes like, good human is one who offers tertiary help and help polishing others…so from now on let us vow to b a good human and help others being a person of capabilities.


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