Youthful thoght

I was going thru’ a book ‘a youthful diary’ and i found this article abt helping others…It stated that help is of 3 types
1. Primary help
2. Secondary help
3. Tertiary help

Whats the difference b/w 3…lets check it out. Primary help is in case when we directly help person, it has short term effects…to understand this we will take up a daily life example…for example one of our friend is going thru a financial crunch and he approaches us so as to borrow sum money as he has lost his job…
Case 1
We don’t have the money or we don’t wish to give him coz of sum reason and just offers him with sweet words…this dint really helped him so v call it as primary help

Case 2 We give him the amount of money and help him…it has short term effect because 2moro the money wont last and again he would be in a need of money…or say We also don’t have the money but we try hard and arrange the sum from some where and give it to our friend…and advice him to find another job quickly…this would b considered as secondary help

Case 3
We help him finding a job and do away with his financial crunch and at same time advice him on surviving in market and being with him in his difficult time, this is considered as tertiary help and has the longest effect…its because we have gone to the root of problem and applied a permanent solutions

So the conclusion goes like, good human is one who offers tertiary help and help polishing others…so from now on let us vow to b a good human and help others being a person of capabilities.



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  4. Its always better to teach a man how to hunt than to share your part of meat.

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