worst moments!

Whats the worst feeling in the world? Well last night an incident gave me an answer to this..It’s being forgotten by the person whom u never thought of giving up, the person u really cared for..Wait no, it’s not the worst feeling, u feel worst when they call u after 8 months not to ask u how u r but to ask for a favour..Ouch, it hurts..Isnt it? Well in my case it pierced my feelings and left me in tears thru out nite..y does ppl changes so easily? Y don’t they realize the value of relationship.. This made me realize that all decisions can not be taken emotionally, sum need to b tackled by brain.. True that spoiled relationships hurts more thn broken ones P.s. I tried to overcome the increasing communication gap but getting a cold response every time drains out all efforts.. Thank you “m**** and h******* for holding my hand thru out these cloudy moment.. 🙂



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10 responses to “worst moments!

  1. M. M.


    World is cruel. But not the whole of it. Best of luck … (:

    • thoughtstoponderabout

      right..whole world is not cruel…bt sad part is tht frm d person whom v expect something(by something here i mean just a simple hello and a smile) completly breaks ur expectations…
      i wish there culd b sum way by wich v culd judge ppl in a better and justified way..it happens like at first impression v make perceptions like v cant have good bonding with this person bt with passage of time tht person becomes our best frnd…

  2. M. M.

    Yeah… that happens (:
    Mostly in my life those who’ve mattered have given me the least attention… and that really hurts a lot ):
    OR maybe it’s just that… well, I expect a lot… so, in a way… they might have given me the appropriate attention… I hopelessly carved for more ):
    First impressions are usually mistakable (:

  3. thoughtstoponderabout

    true..v cry for thm who neva care for us…nd v dnt care fr thm who cry for us…thts d irony of life..

  4. hmm….”emotional attyachar”

  5. SJ

    hey narendra..
    it completely depends upon interest..some call it ‘gyan’ and some ‘attyachar’
    neways thanks for going thru my blog
    take care
    keep shining

  6. alisha

    amazng…i needed dis only…tanx 4 d help…

  7. angelkhushi

    world aint cruel buh sum ppl in the world make us beleive that world is cruel..
    guys v just need to see it thrgh an +ve i ,.nd xpct less frm ones who v love the most….infct we shudnt xpect nything frm ny1,,,diz mux b better…coz wen v get sumthing frm them v wud feel spll nd happei too….

  8. SJ

    bt its human nature..v jst cant stop expecting…atleast i cant…

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