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In Tears

A guy in my school was murdered yesterday. All those comments from his friends and school mates reminded me of my past, something which still haunts me every night. I wish i could once again feel my best friend around me. A silent wish which wont ever be fulfilled. She never gave pain to any living being than y did all this happnd? I wish some one could give me an answer to this question. It has been 21 months since she is absent but it still seems that I recived that terrifying call last night. Still its hard to believe. There were things which I wanted to tell her. I sill remember the way she prepared us all for the truth. At this point of time I am really frustrated and feel like…….
Well what I know is she is still with me guiding all my steps. I cant control my tears and I am still missing her a lot. I wish god wuld have chosen me instead of her but life is always unfair…. No one can ever replace her and would still miss her presence.



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who is a best artist?

Many ppl tells me that dey rnt good artist coz dey cant draw sketches or they cant compose music or dey cant act well, and I never consent with them…it is because creating music, acting or sketching can b done by any1, all these things are quite common and these talents can b found in every 2nd person on earth..but when according to me a ‘best artist’ can be someone who dosent knows how to compose music or make beautiful is this possible? Actually to me a great artist is one who can draw a smile on sum1s face…and its d most difficult job on earth to give sum1 n authentic smile…these moments are rare and precious, so that’s d reason y I addressed sum ppl by this phrase. kudos to all gr8 artists around 🙂
This post is dedicated to sum of d readers of my blog; I think I don’t need to name them because all of them know about it 🙂


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A Dear Moment

Yesterday i.e. 23 July was d day when my didi had to go back to her hostel in Australia. she was back home for a week…nd v really had a good time…a week back when she came back to India, I went to receive her with my family and himani didi..We were waiting for her in arrival terminal, I was really excited and could do anything to have a glimpse of her…after 90 minutes of waiting I could see her walking out of d terminal…I was so happy to see her after 6 months of separation…that was just d physical separation, emotionally and mentally v have d strongest bond..As I saw her, I rushed towards her to help her with her luggages and I clasped her tightly, that moment was an exotic moment. Our eyes were filled with tear expressing the pain of separation and big smiles said how happy v was. Remising past, she have been most special person to me since last 5 years…shez d person who is a dense and rigid support who is always stopping me from falling down…a person who held my finger and taught me to walk..Bestt sister in d world…v reached home and started making plans about the week, I had a silent wish that if she could delay her disappearance by few more days…but the whole week was breathtaking, with night outs to cute fights, all masti v had…it was yesterday when v decided to celebrate rakhi as she won’t b here on rakshabandan..d day passed off really fast and soon it was time for her to leave for the airport, I remember the time when kanika called me and I broke down on phone coz was really low…v left for d airport and I was getting uncomfortable…while leaving I tried my best to smile in front of her so that she dsnt feels bad abt I couldn’t just control myself and tears started falling involuntarily…v embraced each other tightly, and that sheltered feeling I had that time couldn’t b expressed in words…she was also getting really weak and pain of being away could b observed in every1 eyes. she left with a promise to b back soon, will surely miss her a lot. and I should not forget to mention that gugu was supporting me all time 🙂 so thanks a lot gugu
I hope she returns soon
Miss u dii


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perfect prayer for us

So toay lets talk about a perfect prayer for a student..i had a poor concentration power and culd hardly study for more thn 15minutes..i told dii about my problem..since last many years she influnced me so much tht i used to pray everyday..she always advice me to discuss my problem with god to get a quick solution..tht day she told me to alter my prayers and she told me to pray for c.a.r. I was confused wat was this car about and how culd this help me..she further went on explaining me the meaning of c.a.r., she tle me that c here stands for cncentration, a for absorbtion and r for recall..and i should exactly pray for concentration, absorbtion and y do i need to pray for car? How will it help me? As i wrote in my earlier post that energies reflects back..and when v r praying v r inducing a energy in while v r prayig for car v r actualy creating a foundation for us..she answer my question by telling me tht v pray for cncentration because it helps us concentrating on out books, v shuld pray for absorbtion so that v could absorb all the things that v read because only reading wont help us in exam, v need to understand and memorise what all v study and the most imp part of it is recall, which is for recalling wat v is imp because if v rnt able t recall anythingduring exam than tht culd b a big problem..all the concentration an absorbtion will go since tht day i started praying for c.a.r. And i culd see the difference, from a boy who culdnt sit n study table for more thn 15 minutes i trasformed into a guy who culd easily give more thn 3 hours at one do try this once and u will feel the d change in urself 🙂

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cake i baked for momal :)

Wishing u a very happy bday momal..i am sorry for being a little late..i jst wish to thank you for giving me all those valuable lessons which relly helped me in sum way or other..i thank u for making my blog even more presentable and appealing..and for all those comments which u hve been giving me..they actualy brings a smile on my face..
Wishing u a long and a healthy life
Stay precious 🙂


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last step more

Last step more
People says I have a strong will power .some says when you are determined to do something you really accomplish it inspite of all odds .so whats the secret? Mantra lies in three words which are ‘last step more’
So what is the last step more about? it has to do something with physically walking?
These 3 words represents an attitude. An attitude to fight , an attitude to go an extra mile . Take it as , you are given a challenge to climb 100 stairs. You are able to climb up 99 stairs and now you are completely out of energy, now will you stop before the 100th step or will you gather strength to take one more step knowing that fame and power lies on 100th step?? No you wont stop! Instead you will take tht step with all enthusiasm.
So this is the attitude we shuld have in our daily life. When yo want to give up and stop facing problem then take everystep like its ur last step coz u neva knows that where the destination lies. It may be just next to you. Don’t end your journey before reaching to destination.
Why do we need to have such an attitude?
Answer to this question lies in the answer of question “why do v need oxygen?”
We need to keep ourself in ongoing spirit to b successful, to win at every point to brig out our individuality to world. One cant reach destination if he has an habbit of stopping in between. You have only two option in life. temporary comfort or permanent happiness and choice is urs and only urs. So to get permanent happiness we need to have such attitude.
We all have it in ur, we just need to develop it.
Whenever you wish to give up just assume that your destination lies next to you. Like if u are studying and u r unable to do a question and you wish to skip that question. At that point of time just think that the you will b able to solve the problem in ur next attempt. This will give you the determination to go on and on..
Apply this in your life and see the difference
Keep winning and keep shining


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