last step more

Last step more
People says I have a strong will power .some says when you are determined to do something you really accomplish it inspite of all odds .so whats the secret? Mantra lies in three words which are ‘last step more’
So what is the last step more about? it has to do something with physically walking?
These 3 words represents an attitude. An attitude to fight , an attitude to go an extra mile . Take it as , you are given a challenge to climb 100 stairs. You are able to climb up 99 stairs and now you are completely out of energy, now will you stop before the 100th step or will you gather strength to take one more step knowing that fame and power lies on 100th step?? No you wont stop! Instead you will take tht step with all enthusiasm.
So this is the attitude we shuld have in our daily life. When yo want to give up and stop facing problem then take everystep like its ur last step coz u neva knows that where the destination lies. It may be just next to you. Don’t end your journey before reaching to destination.
Why do we need to have such an attitude?
Answer to this question lies in the answer of question “why do v need oxygen?”
We need to keep ourself in ongoing spirit to b successful, to win at every point to brig out our individuality to world. One cant reach destination if he has an habbit of stopping in between. You have only two option in life. temporary comfort or permanent happiness and choice is urs and only urs. So to get permanent happiness we need to have such attitude.
We all have it in ur, we just need to develop it.
Whenever you wish to give up just assume that your destination lies next to you. Like if u are studying and u r unable to do a question and you wish to skip that question. At that point of time just think that the you will b able to solve the problem in ur next attempt. This will give you the determination to go on and on..
Apply this in your life and see the difference
Keep winning and keep shining



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19 responses to “last step more

  1. I’ll comment on it in detail (:
    Right now, I’m in a hurry ):

  2. SJ

    will b waiting 🙂

  3. AD

    wonderful read and post.
    you ve been lost!
    wonder how is everything 🙂

  4. That was quite motivational (: And I choose “permanent happiness” 😛 By the way, you should apply it to your own life, too… Few days back, you updated gloomily at Twitter… I don’t know what’s the matter. Whatever it’s, don’t give up. Choose “permanent happiness”, won’t you? Give your article a couple of reads…I hope you’d feel better!! (:

  5. SJ

    @ad first of all i had an accident thn i was busy with exams now office…waiting for 1st august…will b free after that 🙂
    @m.m. i do apply it to my life but thn there are sumthings which depresses me..i mean abt twitter…i jst feel broken whn ppl acts in a mean way…y r dey so mean….cant dey jst see tht sum1 actualy cares for for any1 frm ur heart bt at d end they will leave u in a pit..i jst hate sumthings abt this world…i wish it wuld have been a beter place to live
    the only way i culd feel better is crying 🙂 or may b talking to sum1 who understands me 🙂

  6. ohhh. hope u r better now.
    will be waiting 🙂

  7. You’d find both good and bad in this world… Maybe that’s how everything is supposed to be! We should accept this reality and try to bring the little change that we can… Seek happiness in the niceness around… and ignore the meanness!
    You know, I’m the sort of person who loves a lot… gives a lot… And I get disappointed when I don’t get it all back! But I’ve been trying to change myself… keep my expectations low… because not everyone has to be like me! They’ve different individualities! I’ve to accept them the way they’re i.e. if I love them…

    Similarly, if you love the world, each and every being…you’d learn to ignore the meanness around… and you know what, it’s the mean people who’d suffer the most! In the long run! The cold world!

    TC (:

  8. SJ

    well thts true..but u knw accepting that you are ignored by the person for whom you really care hurts a lot..i dont knw y am i so i am still trying to change myself..
    well i can make make out all these things…ur comments says it all…bt thn hw to keep our expectations low? i think u shuld write a blog about it 🙂
    u said it rite..its d mean ppl who suffers in d long run…bt u knw at this point of time i dont wish that those ppl should actualy suffer..i hope u getting wat i want to say..i mean even if dey make sum mistakes v jst cant break the bond tht exists b\w this case its my i dnt wish she shud suffer 🙂
    take care 🙂
    and thanks 🙂

  9. You, it’s really hard keep LOW expectations… And I’ve made up my mind to do so… and failed so many times ):
    It’s hard to expect nothing, or a little in return… from someone whom you’ve given a lot! We’re humans, after all ):
    You know, I’m having all these rows with my best friend…bestest… almost every other day! I hope we find a solution soon ):

  10. SJ frustrates me so much…and all thos frustration takes an exit in form of tears
    even i fail everytime
    yep and whoever finds d solution first will b sharing with d other one 🙂

  11. *fingers crossed* 😛

  12. I was quite sad when I made that comment ):

  13. SJ

    yet again sum1 lost my trust 😦

  14. I didn’t get you :S

  15. SJ

    umm its like i was really sad tht time coz the person whom i really used to trust did something which shattered it…i mean i lost trust from her… 😦

  16. Happens… Be glad it happened… Had she done that anytime later in life, it’d have been worse (:

  17. SJ

    may b…bt i dnt knw y i still trust her so much…..

  18. You’re an idiot 😀

  19. SJ

    its d universal fact 😛
    everyone calls me this :p hehe

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