perfect prayer for us

So toay lets talk about a perfect prayer for a student..i had a poor concentration power and culd hardly study for more thn 15minutes..i told dii about my problem..since last many years she influnced me so much tht i used to pray everyday..she always advice me to discuss my problem with god to get a quick solution..tht day she told me to alter my prayers and she told me to pray for c.a.r. I was confused wat was this car about and how culd this help me..she further went on explaining me the meaning of c.a.r., she tle me that c here stands for cncentration, a for absorbtion and r for recall..and i should exactly pray for concentration, absorbtion and y do i need to pray for car? How will it help me? As i wrote in my earlier post that energies reflects back..and when v r praying v r inducing a energy in while v r prayig for car v r actualy creating a foundation for us..she answer my question by telling me tht v pray for cncentration because it helps us concentrating on out books, v shuld pray for absorbtion so that v could absorb all the things that v read because only reading wont help us in exam, v need to understand and memorise what all v study and the most imp part of it is recall, which is for recalling wat v is imp because if v rnt able t recall anythingduring exam than tht culd b a big problem..all the concentration an absorbtion will go since tht day i started praying for c.a.r. And i culd see the difference, from a boy who culdnt sit n study table for more thn 15 minutes i trasformed into a guy who culd easily give more thn 3 hours at one do try this once and u will feel the d change in urself 🙂


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