A Dear Moment

Yesterday i.e. 23 July was d day when my didi had to go back to her hostel in Australia. she was back home for a week…nd v really had a good time…a week back when she came back to India, I went to receive her with my family and himani didi..We were waiting for her in arrival terminal, I was really excited and could do anything to have a glimpse of her…after 90 minutes of waiting I could see her walking out of d terminal…I was so happy to see her after 6 months of separation…that was just d physical separation, emotionally and mentally v have d strongest bond..As I saw her, I rushed towards her to help her with her luggages and I clasped her tightly, that moment was an exotic moment. Our eyes were filled with tear expressing the pain of separation and big smiles said how happy v was. Remising past, she have been most special person to me since last 5 years…shez d person who is a dense and rigid support who is always stopping me from falling down…a person who held my finger and taught me to walk..Bestt sister in d world…v reached home and started making plans about the week, I had a silent wish that if she could delay her disappearance by few more days…but the whole week was breathtaking, with night outs to cute fights, all masti v had…it was yesterday when v decided to celebrate rakhi as she won’t b here on rakshabandan..d day passed off really fast and soon it was time for her to leave for the airport, I remember the time when kanika called me and I broke down on phone coz was really low…v left for d airport and I was getting uncomfortable…while leaving I tried my best to smile in front of her so that she dsnt feels bad abt it..bt I couldn’t just control myself and tears started falling involuntarily…v embraced each other tightly, and that sheltered feeling I had that time couldn’t b expressed in words…she was also getting really weak and pain of being away could b observed in every1 eyes. she left with a promise to b back soon, will surely miss her a lot. and I should not forget to mention that gugu was supporting me all time 🙂 so thanks a lot gugu
I hope she returns soon
Miss u dii



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4 responses to “A Dear Moment

  1. manya

    bhai thanks a lot
    love u loads
    u really mean a lot to me
    m always holding ur hand
    m thankful to god for sending me such an angelic bro 🙂
    miss u

  2. himani

    dude kabhi mujhe bhi koi post dedicate karde
    i will b waiting for it…
    and if u made me wait longer thn i will break ur neck
    no wait else i will again do tht thingy :p u knw wat m talking abt
    so better b careful and start giving head to what i say

  3. garima

    ur welcome dear…
    its my plaesure n u noe i love to console ppl…
    tckr…n thanx to u for givin me such importance n ill always b dre for u…

  4. SJ

    @ manya dii…i am missing u a lot dii…even u mean a lot to me…plz come back soon
    @ himani..i will b waiting :p u dnt have guts moti hehe
    @garima u dnt need to say thanks..rather i shuld b saying thanks to u 🙂

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