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Problems- our greates allies

Problems are our greatest allies
We always crib about problems in our life, we want them to disappear. But problems are really important in our life. They help us to polish our self. If we won’t have these problems in our life then we won’t be able to taste the true happiness. Problems comes with surety of a better life ahead. It’s like we all know about law of surviaval of the best. We have to struggle for survival not only humans but this is also applicable to animal kingdom. And only the strongest organism survives. With every problem comes experience and wisdom.
So we should always pray for more problems. They give us a chance to polish our self. Not only have they guaranteed a happy life ahead but also more experience. And a person can only give a genuine advice when he has an experience.
Like Napoleon, he always had most powerful opponent against him. He lost 7 battles but he learned from his mistakes, gathered courage. And at last he was shining like a star. Here adversities forced him to polish himself and thus win over life.
So from now let us not see problems as a problem, rather let’s visualize them as a door to better life. Problems are god’s gift…



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mysterious karmic bonds

Ever wondered that v know a person living miles away from us so well that v could make out from their voice if they r low, v r ready to help them by challenging all circumstances. But whereas v don’t know d person living in our neighborhood at all…

Try to visualize this, there is this online friend of yours residing miles away from u and there is this person Mr. x living a block away from u…still u would b more comfortable with ur friend away, and u wont really b knowing much about the man..So is it just a coincidence? Or was it in your destiny..? Its quite difficult to answer such question…but before going to sleep last night I was wondering about some special people of my life and how I met them…I was just so lost thinking about this…coz many people who mean world to me are those whom I never knew and there were no chances to meet them in next few births. It’s all so mystic…

Well now according to me all this is not a mere coincidence, its all about karmic bond that exist between us. Karmic bond is the relational bonds from our past life, I strongly believe in theory of reincarnation. Which is about rebirth, but as I said earlier that relationships are till eternity so even after our life cycle they still exists. So what I mean is that all this is because of our past life. Things just get carried over. And the karmic bond never breaks

generally karmic bonds are (pre)formed with people who seem to enter your life frequently and unavoidably – you always tend to run into them and there always seems to be an ‘understanding’ of sorts between you, without even saying a word (but of course you usually would – many actually, and discover that you have many mutual interests, events, people or things in common to support this ‘understanding’) – very much a fateful feeling and connection.

This can also extend to the negative side too. Certain enemies may also seem to sabotage you or dislike you for no apparent reason, and seem intent on subconsciously making your life hell, or you may instantly dislike someone without knowing why.

With both of those examples, I don’t mean a superficial ‘oh I don’t like him’ or ‘gee she’s cute’… I mean an intensity you can’t explain… an inner ‘knowing’. Something that’s unexplainable, but constant / regular… it hits you hard, many times, no matter what you do or where you go, or try to avoid it… there’s a bond there, regardless and it’s not something you consciously set about creating. It just happens TO you without your consent, if you will.

The whole purpose is that you are learning lessons from these people, good or bad, things you need to learn in this lifetime. You may also teach the other person lessons in return. It’s not conscious, again, but something you do without knowing you’ve done it. it’s something you each get out of each other unconsciously and perhaps they are from a past life and you never finished your relationship somehow – you’re going to sort it out in this one, one way or another, and learn lessons from the past life ‘residue’ that they are projecting onto you. There’s a definite need to acknowledgement in these relationships – they seem very important and destined to happen in your mind. A lot of people use the terms ‘soul mate’ and ‘fate’ lightly, especially when in magazines etc. these are not light subjects but for real. It’s a very sacred thing for those who do reflect on their life and see what’s going on and what the spotlight is illuminating in their life and relationship.

Do give it a thought 🙂


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People – everyone can have an affect on our life we should trust them and take risks because someone could change our lives forever


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twitter update

i was going thru a blog ‘yep thats me’ and i found a twitter update in the blog which said ‘I’m smiling’ this even bought a smile on my face…so i thank u M.M. for gifting me this smile 🙂 and well its always a pleasure to see others smiling 🙂
take care
keep smiling


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fragile moments of life

Hostels are always boring. After my 4 months of stay at hostel I discovered a small water stream near it. I am attaching a picture of that. It is really beautiful. Sparkling water, mysterious stones and best thing was that it was a little below then the normal ground level. Since that day it became it became my favorite hang out place. I always wished to live near a water stream. I told my friends about this place and so it became our hide out during bunks. Well now there was at least something interesting about living away from home.
We usually hang out there with Pepsi and Lays. Sometimes I visit that place all alone so as to distress myself and enjoy the beauty of nature. Some day’s back I was feeling alone in my hostel dorm and wished to go back home, but that wasn’t really possible because of short attendance. So I decided to sneak out from my dorm and go to my favorite place.
It was around 11pm and I was quite afraid when I reached there. I have a phobia towards insects. I lied down there and all those unpleasant thoughts of past were conquering my mind. I was missing my best friend and wished to spk to her just once by any mean. But again I desired for something impractical. I was watching starts twinkling in clear sky. My feet were in cold water that was flowing. The sight of sky was really comforting and I was wondering that if it was factual that people who are no more a part of this insensitive world turns into star. It was absolutely dark like my life but moonlight was enough to scare that darkness, so there came the moon light I needed. I was just wondering if I could converse with her by talking with starts. The thought that she is with me thru those starts bought tears in my eyes.
I started to think about all those things which I wished to spk abt, things which I wish to tell her. I wasn’t carrying my phone and my watch so I had no idea of time. I was just talking to stars about all those things that I could never tell her and I guess that was one of the best conversations. I reached hostel at around 3:45am in completely different mood, smiling and with a secure feeling as if she was walking with me 


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another lesson for life

Don’t be bothered for what you don’t have or what you have left behind, but be thankful to god for what u have

These days I notice that people are always cribbing for what they don’t have, for that they have lost, for broken dreams and for unfulfilled wishes. It also includes me. According to us we don’t have things that we need to be happy. Why can’t we control our never ending desires? That is not a way to live. Life has a deeper meaning, but we don’t realize it.
We are not able to realize the value of things and value of people we have but v do realize it once v loose it
A person having a car wants a bmw without realizing that there are people who have to walk for more than 10 kms just to reach their office. We all waste 1000’s of bugs on junk food without considering about people who don’t have enough money to have single meal a day. Where have all the ethics disappeared? Where are considerate people? Compassionate people seem to be an endangered species.
The proper way to live is to be thankful to the god for what he has given us and not to crib for what is not ours. Adopt habit of doing a good deed every day. At end of the day you will really feel satisfied and contempt.
We all need to change ourselves so as to change the society/
Another request I have from all of u is that just before going to bed thank the creator for what he has gifted u, for his ultimate support, for his blessing and protection. It’s not a big deal. I am not asking u to visit temple or anywhere else. And trust me you will feel a positive change in ur life.

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