another lesson for life

Don’t be bothered for what you don’t have or what you have left behind, but be thankful to god for what u have

These days I notice that people are always cribbing for what they don’t have, for that they have lost, for broken dreams and for unfulfilled wishes. It also includes me. According to us we don’t have things that we need to be happy. Why can’t we control our never ending desires? That is not a way to live. Life has a deeper meaning, but we don’t realize it.
We are not able to realize the value of things and value of people we have but v do realize it once v loose it
A person having a car wants a bmw without realizing that there are people who have to walk for more than 10 kms just to reach their office. We all waste 1000’s of bugs on junk food without considering about people who don’t have enough money to have single meal a day. Where have all the ethics disappeared? Where are considerate people? Compassionate people seem to be an endangered species.
The proper way to live is to be thankful to the god for what he has given us and not to crib for what is not ours. Adopt habit of doing a good deed every day. At end of the day you will really feel satisfied and contempt.
We all need to change ourselves so as to change the society/
Another request I have from all of u is that just before going to bed thank the creator for what he has gifted u, for his ultimate support, for his blessing and protection. It’s not a big deal. I am not asking u to visit temple or anywhere else. And trust me you will feel a positive change in ur life.


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