fragile moments of life

Hostels are always boring. After my 4 months of stay at hostel I discovered a small water stream near it. I am attaching a picture of that. It is really beautiful. Sparkling water, mysterious stones and best thing was that it was a little below then the normal ground level. Since that day it became it became my favorite hang out place. I always wished to live near a water stream. I told my friends about this place and so it became our hide out during bunks. Well now there was at least something interesting about living away from home.
We usually hang out there with Pepsi and Lays. Sometimes I visit that place all alone so as to distress myself and enjoy the beauty of nature. Some day’s back I was feeling alone in my hostel dorm and wished to go back home, but that wasn’t really possible because of short attendance. So I decided to sneak out from my dorm and go to my favorite place.
It was around 11pm and I was quite afraid when I reached there. I have a phobia towards insects. I lied down there and all those unpleasant thoughts of past were conquering my mind. I was missing my best friend and wished to spk to her just once by any mean. But again I desired for something impractical. I was watching starts twinkling in clear sky. My feet were in cold water that was flowing. The sight of sky was really comforting and I was wondering that if it was factual that people who are no more a part of this insensitive world turns into star. It was absolutely dark like my life but moonlight was enough to scare that darkness, so there came the moon light I needed. I was just wondering if I could converse with her by talking with starts. The thought that she is with me thru those starts bought tears in my eyes.
I started to think about all those things which I wished to spk abt, things which I wish to tell her. I wasn’t carrying my phone and my watch so I had no idea of time. I was just talking to stars about all those things that I could never tell her and I guess that was one of the best conversations. I reached hostel at around 3:45am in completely different mood, smiling and with a secure feeling as if she was walking with me 



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6 responses to “fragile moments of life

  1. Aaaawwww…. I don’t know what to say… That was such a sweet and cute post 😛 😛 I wish you all the best in life (:
    Btw I’m lovin’ the pic 😀

  2. SJ

    thank you
    if u want i can mail u this pic 🙂
    and i wish same for u 🙂

  3. Sure you can… I’d love to have it… And I might come up with a post for it… (;

  4. SJ

    ok, sure will mail it to u 🙂

  5. I got it. Thanks (:
    I’m gonna post about it.

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