mysterious karmic bonds

Ever wondered that v know a person living miles away from us so well that v could make out from their voice if they r low, v r ready to help them by challenging all circumstances. But whereas v don’t know d person living in our neighborhood at all…

Try to visualize this, there is this online friend of yours residing miles away from u and there is this person Mr. x living a block away from u…still u would b more comfortable with ur friend away, and u wont really b knowing much about the man..So is it just a coincidence? Or was it in your destiny..? Its quite difficult to answer such question…but before going to sleep last night I was wondering about some special people of my life and how I met them…I was just so lost thinking about this…coz many people who mean world to me are those whom I never knew and there were no chances to meet them in next few births. It’s all so mystic…

Well now according to me all this is not a mere coincidence, its all about karmic bond that exist between us. Karmic bond is the relational bonds from our past life, I strongly believe in theory of reincarnation. Which is about rebirth, but as I said earlier that relationships are till eternity so even after our life cycle they still exists. So what I mean is that all this is because of our past life. Things just get carried over. And the karmic bond never breaks

generally karmic bonds are (pre)formed with people who seem to enter your life frequently and unavoidably – you always tend to run into them and there always seems to be an ‘understanding’ of sorts between you, without even saying a word (but of course you usually would – many actually, and discover that you have many mutual interests, events, people or things in common to support this ‘understanding’) – very much a fateful feeling and connection.

This can also extend to the negative side too. Certain enemies may also seem to sabotage you or dislike you for no apparent reason, and seem intent on subconsciously making your life hell, or you may instantly dislike someone without knowing why.

With both of those examples, I don’t mean a superficial ‘oh I don’t like him’ or ‘gee she’s cute’… I mean an intensity you can’t explain… an inner ‘knowing’. Something that’s unexplainable, but constant / regular… it hits you hard, many times, no matter what you do or where you go, or try to avoid it… there’s a bond there, regardless and it’s not something you consciously set about creating. It just happens TO you without your consent, if you will.

The whole purpose is that you are learning lessons from these people, good or bad, things you need to learn in this lifetime. You may also teach the other person lessons in return. It’s not conscious, again, but something you do without knowing you’ve done it. it’s something you each get out of each other unconsciously and perhaps they are from a past life and you never finished your relationship somehow – you’re going to sort it out in this one, one way or another, and learn lessons from the past life ‘residue’ that they are projecting onto you. There’s a definite need to acknowledgement in these relationships – they seem very important and destined to happen in your mind. A lot of people use the terms ‘soul mate’ and ‘fate’ lightly, especially when in magazines etc. these are not light subjects but for real. It’s a very sacred thing for those who do reflect on their life and see what’s going on and what the spotlight is illuminating in their life and relationship.

Do give it a thought 🙂



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7 responses to “mysterious karmic bonds

  1. Wow… I’m in love with this post of yours 😛 😛

    This can also extend to the negative side too. Certain enemies may also seem to sabotage you or dislike you for no apparent reason, and seem intent on subconsciously making your life hell, or you may instantly dislike someone without knowing why.
    Happens to me most of the times 😀

    An enlightening post. Satisfying. Concluded nicely.


  2. SJ

    me thn positive side is really common..
    today people whom i am really close to are those whom i met online and now its like as if we knew each other since our birth….
    v hv shared almost evrythng of my life… from toks to lunch.. n frm emotions to jokes….
    so i strongly believe in this

  3. Nice words, SJ. Though I’m a Muslim and don’t believe in reincarnation, but i do believe in fate, and soul mates. I’ve also had the experience of knowing someone from far away, and feeling more comfortable in the words that person utters, rather than the company of the crowd around me. It’s a comfort, having that person around to share stuff when your feeling happy, or when your experiencing sorrows… I guess the best part of it is, that that person doesn’t know you, and so, doesn’t dislike or like you on the basis of appearance or any other reason, but in fact, waits and makes his/her own judgment about the person that you are. And then, in doing so, that person is with you when you most need. 🙂

    A thoughtful piece, and one that serves as a reminder… Good work! 🙂

  4. SJ: I won’t say I believe in it… But I truly love the idea of it (:

  5. SJ

    @rue…exactly the best part is that persons dosent likes u or dislikes u on basis of appearence 🙂
    thanks for the visit 🙂
    @m.m. 🙂 u know i always feel that i am linked to some1 or other thru this bond…..and its like really grt feeling

  6. Yes, it really is a great feeling, and what’s better is that, in that person you find a friend whose always there for you.. 🙂 A friend, indeed! 🙂

  7. SJ

    true 🙂
    a friend who is always ready to lend his ear for longest period of time 🙂
    and who can actually promise u a smile 🙂
    wish v culd have more of such precious relations in our life 🙂

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