Problems- our greates allies

Problems are our greatest allies
We always crib about problems in our life, we want them to disappear. But problems are really important in our life. They help us to polish our self. If we won’t have these problems in our life then we won’t be able to taste the true happiness. Problems comes with surety of a better life ahead. It’s like we all know about law of surviaval of the best. We have to struggle for survival not only humans but this is also applicable to animal kingdom. And only the strongest organism survives. With every problem comes experience and wisdom.
So we should always pray for more problems. They give us a chance to polish our self. Not only have they guaranteed a happy life ahead but also more experience. And a person can only give a genuine advice when he has an experience.
Like Napoleon, he always had most powerful opponent against him. He lost 7 battles but he learned from his mistakes, gathered courage. And at last he was shining like a star. Here adversities forced him to polish himself and thus win over life.
So from now let us not see problems as a problem, rather let’s visualize them as a door to better life. Problems are god’s gift…



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4 responses to “Problems- our greates allies

  1. Now that’s one side of Problems I didn’t know of 😀 😀 And truly speaking SJ, problem are a good thing….as long as you’re strong enough to face them. Otherwise not. I mean… okay, Napolean did that… but do you expect everyone to be courageous enough to keep on going even after seven defeats?

    It’s not easy to have this sorta thinking… but yes, every time if we look at the brighter aspects of the situation, even if they’re equal to none, and ignore the darker… Problems can be a blessing. A good lesson.

    Nice post (:

  2. SJ

    u know problems are a good thing even if you are not strong enough to tackle them..because in that case they polishes your life.
    my life has got so many problem…and all of them are really complex….sometimes it gets difficult to smile and walk again on path of life but that time i always finds a hand to support me 🙂
    so i really thank my sisters for that….
    and well you are right…its not easy to take up defeats…. 🙂

  3. A good attitude to take on life! 🙂 In my opinion, problems are what make our life interesting. Don’t we feel loads better when we truly smile after we’ve had a cry? Problems add the essence of interest to life. A day is best enjoyed after a long night. Without the dark negatives, a good picture can never be developed… 🙂

  4. SJ

    thank you 🙂
    exactly problems only makes our life interesting 🙂
    ya v are overwhelmed joy after a victory 🙂 or after tough time surpasses

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