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inequitable nature

Few days ago while sitting in a dark room with candle as the only source of light, i was continuously gazing at the candle. I observed that the only source of light was itself surrounded by the darkness. It was surrounded by its shadow.
The candle which was spreading in light in room was itself in darkness, weird fact.
While i was lost, i realized that the person who spreads happiness around him has his life full of sacrifices. There are moments when he don’t find anyone to hold his hand yet he is always holding everyone’s hand when they need him. That’s something really sad but that’s the law of nature.
I told all this to my sister and she gave me an example of a farmer, a farmer who grows food for the whole nation is himself starving
Y is god so unfair? Y the source of light has to survive in darkness? Y can’t this law of nature be changed? And even though after being in darkness y does candle still gives light? Y do some people sacrifice even after getting bruised? These are the few questions m left with after that incident and i guess they have no answer.


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