many lives, many masters

These days I am reading this book called ‘many lives, many masters’ by dr. brain weiss. The book is about past life regression. The way things (relations, situation, fear, skills, profession etc) in our present are linked to our past life. And as I am moving ahead with this book, I am feeling quite disturbed. This past life thing have started bugging me. Thoughts which are presently bothering me are..will the people I love in this life will be with me in next life? Which county will I be residing in my next birth? What relationship will I have with those people I know in present life? Where we ever together in past life? What was I in my past life? I just want to have same people all around me in my next life also. A single thought of being away from these people bought a tear into my eye. Am just feeling pathetic. But at the same time book gave me an answer to my question. The reason that I bonds so well is because of the relation we used to share in our previous life. The reason to my biggest fear is something which was wrong in last life. Its uncomfortable to think that we even had a past life and we will again land on this same planet earth. One day I will surely try this past life regression thing so that I can get answer to the questions which are presently disturbing me.


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