My friend himani once exclaimed that ‘celebrations have no meaning without few special people’. Today on my 19th bday I can feel the emotions behind this statement. It’s about 12:30 and my phone is constantly flashing notifications for new message. But since the very first call I answered, I a craving for a call from my best friend. It’s my third bday without her and m feeling awful. Some where deep in my heart it’s hurting me. I am missing those bdays which I celebrated with her. Those sweet memories are constantly dripping thru my eyes. I still have those 2 teddies safely which she gifted me. Am in no mood to celebrate my bday anymore. Wishing to get over it sooner.



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2 responses to “:(

  1. i have stopped missing which was and now isnt. waste of my precious emotions. hope u realize that some really good times are ahead

  2. SJ

    but i still remember the call when i got that call from her mother telling me abt her accident…i just cant forgt it…sometimes it gets really hard to let go off things that meant so much to u 😦

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