complexity of light and darkness

From a brightly lit room came the sudden transition to darkness. This typically happens when one enters the movie house. The sudden shock to the eyes temporarily blinds the individual. One immediately feel for the darkness and wait till his eyes gets accustomed to it. It will take a few seconds or even a full minute for someone to adjust his vision to the widespread darkness of the room.
Or when one had long remained in a dark place and then goes to an area floodlight with a bright light, he too gets blinded temporarily. Will also require seconds or a minute of adjustment before he could plainly see the sight he is into.
Light and darkness is a very complex balance. Its relationship makes and breaks the individuals empire.
A Greek philosopher once went out in a broad day light in the middle if the city with a lighted candle in his hand. People laughed at him and they said, “Who can ever recognize a candle in the light of day. If you wish to be seen with that candle in hand, then walk in the midst of darkness and the coldness of night.”
One may wish to shine, one may wish to be noticed and appreciated but in the world of bright flashbulbs of conspiracy and indifference, of frustrations, and isolation, isn’t it wise just to stay behind as a light in the dark path?
What I believe is that I may be denoted by the night. Am never perfect neither do i dreaming of the light, am happy with the little dark corner I am right now. Because when I start to shine, I am sure that with the darkness around me, I can be a prominent light.
Be in life, in love, in business or in other quest, don’t chase the speeding train. You will have a time for yourself to shine. What is important is lighting your wick, and walking proudly in a dimly lit path.


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  1. Pulkita

    I think it is very well written ..simply beautiful ..and holds true for our life 🙂

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