Equally unequal

my teacher usually keeps telling me that ‘you all are created equal by god so use your brain’ but if we all are created equal then why does some excel in sports, some excel in academics or some other field, some people cant just concentrate and on contrary others can meditate so well…and if this is the case then y do we say that everyone is equal?
If all of us are created equally then even I should be a business tycoon like Mr. Ambani or even I should be an artist like mf hussain or I should also know how to tackle ball thru opposition like becham…bt I cant..!
God answered this question by telling us that he created each of us equal as raw diamonds…and it’s our duty to polish the facades of diamonds. Now question arises is that how to polish the facades. they can only be polished and bought to shine by practice and working on that side….like if we are weak in math then we need to practice more equations so that we could manage to pass in exam… The difference in people lies because some have polished more facades as compared to others. Those who have more shiny surfaces refract more light and thus turn brightly towards world and others with less facade are less known to world.


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