recollecting memories

Recollecting memories
Every time when a new year is about to begin I try to analyze my present year and recollect all the happening moments which bought a smile to me or taught me something or something which made an impression on me. So this note is just an impression of 2009
My 2009 started with being alone in my room. Next day I was supposed to go back to my hostel. Those were the days when didi just went to Australia so I preferred being alone. Then came my exam and in between exam my friend’s agrim and krish were back to Delhi, though couldn’t get time but still enjoyed a lot. My exams were from 19th Jan so I was quite sad coz I missed ashima’s bday. These days I was quite disappointed with life because didi was missing from my daily routine, but I never knew that it was a start of a very close relationship which would bring me back to life. March was a month of stress and as some of the most important people had board exams, so I just wanted to keep praying for them. Next thing I remember is the announcing of my 1st semester result. I did quite well with 6.9 as GPA and topping my computer exam. I felt extremely thankful to my computer teacher promila mam. I still used to hate college and by now my interest shifted from sketching to writing. I love to pen down my thoughts on paper and share it with world. For next 2 months I was on bed suffering from liver infection.
In may board result were announced and was really joyful to know that my sis topped skul, another reason for celebration was that my best friend was now in Delhi in dps noida, I was really happy to know this 🙂
Going back to college in June was a pain, and as soon as I entered college I got to know about my 2nd semester exams. They were in July and they went pathetic. I just scored 5.8 GPA and a back log. And I met my best friend in august, it was a great day, agrim accompanied me to gip noida and all of us had lots of fun. August was also the time for regular visits to village cafe and lots of food. There was a trip to mc leodganj, which is an awesome place and being at home meant lots of late night drives 🙂 rakshabandhan was also in august and I enjoyed every bit of it. Love you all my sisters. In august my entry also got published in print media ‘us-the news’ I was really happy about it and I am still thankful to m.m. For forwarding my entry.
September came with new surprises and my 3rd semester. Now I was quite regular to office and my love for chocolates even developed more. I even vowed to be regular to college, and then came another victory; I got the bike I was longing for. I love riding bike, much more than a car. And taking up design work was also fun.
October came with lots of festivals and didi. We enjoyed eid diwali and many others; by the end of diwali I was quite fat :). It was the time when himani and I met an accident on way to manesar and same time himani was gifted a bmw x5. Loved those days and those drives. Making chilly potatoes with jayati was just awesome. And well as usual October ended in tears. Life had lots of emotional ups and downs and growing health concerns.
November as always started with memory of an immortal person. Then came my bday, I guess I did grew a bit ;). But the day was fun.
Now as December is about to end I am looking for more of such happy and cherishing moments.
2009 was full of terrorist attacks and wars thru out the world, lets us all start our 2010 by dedicating 2 minutes to god, and ask him for a better world with no place for violence
Before ending this note I would like to mention that this year I met lots of wonderful people who changed my life. And I would like to apologies for all my mistakes I committed this year. I hope that all those people whom I hurtled will forgive me. And I want to thank those friends who acquire a special place in my life and who made 2009 worthy enough to live 🙂 here am tagging few of such people.
P.s. I didn’t mentioned the name of all those special people who were there with me at every step because of some reason so I request those special people to not to feel ignored. I was missing all of you while writing this 🙂
Love you guys and please be with me in till eternity 🙂


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