you know you are in love when?

I often receive this as message or I often find this as peoples status on facebook ‘You know you are in love when u cant fall asleep because reality is finally better then your dreams.” But is it true? Atleast I doubt its validity. It may be because I don’t trust these relationships anymore. But the statement itself has many contradictions.
We might find reality like a fairytale and not sleep for few days week or lets even consider a month, but after that we will have to take rest. You cant fight this fact that a person dies without sleep much faster as compared to survival in absence of food. What happens to reality after that? Is it that we don’t find it that appealing?
I don’t mean to offend these relationships but as per my observations most of the relationships results in painful break-ups. What I want to convey is just that we need to have a perfect balance between dreams and reality. both are equally important in our life.


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