I dedicate this post to you himani. Its 1:30am, just 24 hours before your departure. I am feeling really depressed. All I have got to say is ‘please don’t go’. In last 1 year you have completely changed my life. You made me get over one of the major shock. It’s not just only that, you taught me the way to live. You are the one who actually notices my tearful eyes even when it’s pitch-dark. I know there have been times when you were completely shattered but instead of crying you managed to smile because u didn’t wanted me to lose courage. You showed confidence in me which bought positivity in my life. People might hate you for your straight forward attitude but I can never do that. I might not show you that often but I really care for you. You have been my best friend and I reałly mean it. Together we have been really close to death but I was never afraid that time because I had u with me. It’s you who kept me on my toes when things were not falling into places. You taught me to be patient and you even helped me with maths :). Those embraces used to make me forget all my worries and evening walks with u were always full of smiles. I will miss playing in rain like children and those drives. I will miss your orders to cook. I will miss ‘that’ chocolate. And I will miss my smile the most. I just want to thank you for those dinners, those outing, and all those smiles which you bought me, those innumerable chocolates and most importantly I thank you for being a guiding light. Please mat jaa. I just don’t want to lose you.


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