Biased Judge

I find many people commenting upon ones behavior, nature and many other things. People act as dual core processor when it comes to judging different people. They just review a person by his looks or what the other person said.
I find it extremely irritating when I hear people talking such negative things. How can they judge someone like that? People have no idea of what a person has been thru or what is he going through and still they love to talk crap about him. Suppose if Mr. Xyz avoid spending much then people will derive a simple conclusion that he is a miser but there could be a possibility that he is going thru financial crunch. Or in other case if Mr. xyz is not happy and seems depressed then people would say they he is a sadist or rather he is a negative person and lets maintain gap with him, but there could also be a possibility that he just lost his loved one. So instead of being judgmental why can’t we support him? Don’t we remember how we felt when we lost a loved one? Mr. Xyz is going thru same phase and needs emotional support. Do you think it’s right on people’s part to be so judgmental? Obviously it’s not. Because even u could have been a target of this. When you judge someone, you do not define them, you define yourself. Still if you want to judge them then judge them by the reputation of his foes.
So I am requesting u all to not to judge people until and unless you have lived their life because you don’t know about little things which he have been thru. And all such mean comments have a great potential to hurt someone. And it’s true that ever wound leaves all scar.



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8 responses to “Biased Judge

  1. Musheera

    wow ! our thoughts are same 😛
    its only dt yu can xpress nd i cant!.. buh am happy dt atleast yu can !…imppresive yu knoe!.. we shudnt judge ny1 ..we shud 1st judge ourself!..

  2. SJ

    lol thats because v r best friends 🙂
    you can express them, just give it a try 🙂
    but i dont want to judge myself 🙂

  3. Nobodoy

    As one who has been recently judged unfairly, I understand! Before we judge another, we must AT LEAST hear their side of the story!

  4. SJ

    i agree with you, hope you are fine now.
    thanks for the visit 🙂

  5. Musheera

    yeahh we do are 🙂 Lovss you for being my umbrella 🙂

    yea tried as you can see 😛

    lol dont judge it will make ur mind complicated

  6. OC

    It’s always better to put yourself in others’ shoes before making an opinion about them. 🙂
    You’ve sweet and simple writing style. It amazingly inspires you. 🙂

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