Gemstones in my Life

Since last week I am trying to figure out many things about my life and last 6 days have been really very annoying. Annoying because the people who I thought will always be with me, whom I always considered my best friend wasn’t there to support me during the time I needed them the most.
So I started reconsidering that who exactly my best friends are. Rather who exactly my special friends are. My heart was soon ready with all those names (names at end of the post). This time I wanted to be very sure about all this so I questioned myself that why am I considering them my best friends. Answer was quite spontaneous this time.
I found out that mean most to me because when I was in pain, they never gave me advice or a cure but they rather choose to share my pain and touch my wound with their warm and tender hand. There were times when I found tear in their eyes because I was going through hard time. These were the people who have been trough sleepless nights reason being I was disturbed. They forced me to have my meals when I wanted to skip it, they stayed with me in hour of grief and they always knew the big reason behind my small tears. I thank them for tolerating me when I used to be irritating. When I walked on the wrong path, instead of giving me directions they held my hand and forced me towards the right way. People who were as powerless as I was yet they faced reality courageously. In their presence I never had to face any problem alone.
You all are my life and without you my life will never me same again. Love you all and hope we all will be friends till out last breath. *touchwood*
Mona Sharma
Ashima taneja
Gurleen Gandhi
Himanshi Anand
Manya didi
Himani Sharma
Jasmine didi
Shefali seghal



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7 responses to “Gemstones in my Life

  1. Aaaawwww… sweet ❤

  2. a deep soul you are 🙂 how r u?

  3. SJ

    @M.M. thank u 🙂
    @ADESI thank u so much 🙂 i am good. and how are you? 🙂 take care please

  4. good post..
    forced me to reconsider the list of my so-called ‘best friends’..

  5. hahaha I pondered a bit about the list and it seems all of them are mostly Girls 😉 so it proves girls are MORE understanding…. =D

  6. SJ

    girls are most understanding people 🙂
    and a sister will always understand you more than your best friend will.. 🙂

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