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Life saving atmosphere

I am posting again after a long time, I am sorry for that because I was really occupied with doing nothing. This was again a random thought, a thought about moon. Looks elegant isn’t it?
But on its surface lie thousands of creators. How did those creator formed? And well each one of us knows this. They are impact of collision of huge asteroids with it. Asteroids which are as huge as a size of mountain and whose collision can have power of up to 5megaton of war head. But then have you noticed that why those asteroids could never reach earth? The atmosphere of the earth makes the whole difference. It’s because of the atmosphere that the asteroid which causes creator on moon burns off when it enters earth. And thus protects the delicate form of life. Ok now let’s link it with our life. Problems in our life are like those huge asteroids which can actually have a huge impact on us. We might even think that its one of those toughest problem but then eventually we get hold on situation. You know those problems which come to us have lesser force then it could have…and why is that? Just like environment burns up the asteroid, our friends, family and our prayers protects us from problems by weakening its effect and we never notice this. Strange…something which is always around us is always protecting us…something which is so un-noticeable yet so important for our life.
So let’s not ignore the importance of our atmosphere (family, friends and god) and now let’s dedicate a moment to express our gratitude towards them…



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