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True Relations

Last night messed up with thoughts I wanted to escape everything. I felt alone, I yearned for love and true relations in my life. I wanted people who could love without any motives or and bad intentions, people who won’t ever cheat on you, just then the purest relation knocked on my door, it was my pet dog. Yes I share one of the most serene, selfless, loving and true relationship with him. That’s because both of us love each other a lot, we can’t actually understand each other’s language but still we are happy when we are together, we know what other wants and we can understand each and everything one wants to convey, moreover none of us have any kind of motive…wish all relations were as pure as this one…the purest relation which exists on the earth is b/w a pet and his family who adopted him



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You are Special

It hurts when someone you love always forgets you and approaches you when he needs help, isn’t it? This is among one of those common things we crib about..
But then there is this weird and wonderful fact that when a person is in high spirits, he rushes to the person whom he loves the most even if they don’t want to be a part of his happiness, even if they will just ignore him and his good news. But when that person is depressed he will always approach the person who loves him the most because he is sure that he will get a genuine guidance and he knows that, he will be willing to listen to him no matter what. They are sure that even if that person is shattered from inside, they will still listen to him and help him. And we know that helping hands are much better than praying lips.
So next time you feel ignored and your special someone approaches you only when he is in bottomless trouble, don’t be sad over it, rather you will have a reason to rejoice because you can be confident that no one loves him more than you do. And someday that he will also become conscious of your way of thinking.


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