True Relations

Last night messed up with thoughts I wanted to escape everything. I felt alone, I yearned for love and true relations in my life. I wanted people who could love without any motives or and bad intentions, people who won’t ever cheat on you, just then the purest relation knocked on my door, it was my pet dog. Yes I share one of the most serene, selfless, loving and true relationship with him. That’s because both of us love each other a lot, we can’t actually understand each other’s language but still we are happy when we are together, we know what other wants and we can understand each and everything one wants to convey, moreover none of us have any kind of motive…wish all relations were as pure as this one…the purest relation which exists on the earth is b/w a pet and his family who adopted him



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5 responses to “True Relations

  1. OC

    That’s unfortunate we human beings don’t possess the ability to have a pure relationship… or maybe it’s just our thinking. 🙂
    Don’t feel gloomy. Life has a lot to offer. It’s happiness which surrounds us – if only we knew. 🙂
    Cute post.

  2. SJ

    umm we do but we have only few true relationships in our life and sometimes not even that. i am bellesed with few of them **touchwood**
    i agree 🙂
    i have a fixed time for those sad thoughts :p not more than 10 minutes per day 🙂

  3. KrazieDazie

    dont you think each day a sad time would ruin our good time? …

  4. KrazieDazie

    lovely one again 🙂

  5. SJ

    no 🙂
    we dont experience sad moments every day :p its only sometimes na 🙂

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