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Be grateful, patient

Sometimes despite dedication and commitment things go wrong. That’s when it’s important to remember that god has something good for us. Someone once said `Agar apni marzi ka ho toh acha, aur agar apni marzi ka na ho to aur bhi acha, kyunki phir vo bhagwaan ki marz ka hota hai’. There is a beautiful story that comes to mind: One day a kid on earth came to know that god was distributing apples to humans in heaven. He was so excited that he went to heaven to get an apple from god.
There was a big queue and this kid joined it. When his turn came, the kid held out both its hands to receive the much-coveted present.
God gave him a big apple but his tiny hands couldn’t hold it. It fell down and rolled away in the muck. The kid was disappointed. God’s ministers informed him that he would have to join the queue again if he wanted another apple. The kid didn’t want to return empty handed so he joined the queue again.
This time the queue was even longer than the previous one. While waiting, the kid watched people returning with apples looking extremely satisfied. The kid thought, “Why didn’t I only get the apple when everyone else got it so easily?“ When his turn came, god gave the apple to the kid and said, “My dear child, last time after giving you the apple, I noticed that the apple I gave you was a rotten one and that’s why I made it fall from your hands. Having given you a rotten apple, I felt bad and wanted to give you the best apple in the farm. At that time the best apple in the farm was growing and that’s why I made you wait for so long. Now the apple which I have given you, is the best apple grown in the farm till date.“
Source : Hindustan Times, 9/7/2010



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