Thats Life

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Why all days of our life are not equally joyful? Why do we experience sad moments? Why is life full of ups and downs?

The answer to all these question lies in our life itself and it is quite simple. Let us talk in terms of practical life. Many of you might love rain. You might find it soothing. But what if it rains 356 days a year? In that case, you will not be able to feel the joy when it rains, rather you will be frustrated. Rain will loose its essence. Or try this out: get yourself a piece of cake and a mug of coffee with 5tbsp of sugar. First of all, have that tempting piece of cake and now gulp in the coffee. You would notice that the coffee won’t taste sweet; rather it’d be bitter even after the presence of sugar in it. Why is that so? That’s because if we get something in excess, it eventually looses its essence.

Our life follows the same law. If we have a satisfied and happy life for a long time, we will soon loose the excitement and will term that happy life as ‘boring’. For the same reason, it is necessary to have ups and downs.

Let us try the above experiment again, but this time have a pinch of salt before drinking the coffee again. You would be surprised by the sweetness of the coffee which tasted bitter before. Suffering plays the same role as that of salt: they highlight the joy. On a more deeper note, if suffering goes out of life, it will take many things with it – we won’t ever have the courage to fight with our problems; we won’t ever know how it feels to struggle and win; there will be no need to have faith in God, and thus hope and prayers will loose their meaning and with all that happiness, respect for the unfortunates will also go out. Ask yourself. Will you be able to live happily without love, pity, compassion, hope and courage? Will you? I am sure no one will be happy without all these important elements of life. So now let’s stop cribbing about problems and follow the law of nature and take the problems head on.



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2 responses to “Thats Life

  1. but dont you think the period of sadness is a bit longer than happiness? and hence we get bored of it?

  2. SJ

    umm we feel as if period of sadness is long than that of happiness because we tends to enjoy comfortable life. and when we enjoy something, we dont notice the time flying by.
    like if i have to study for 8 hours i will be cribbing about it, but when it comes to sleeping 8 hours or roaming around for 8 hours, i wont be tired at all 🙂

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