About Me

Some random stuff:
• Excessive usage of SMS lingo annoys me. if dis iz hw u rite, don’t bother sending a friend request.
• Sucker for any kind of chocolate. Reese’s happens to be my favourite at the moment. Chocolate tops my non-existent list of 139 ways to bribe moi (101 sounds rather clichéd!)
• I love pool and table tennis, though I almost always lose!!
• Life happens to be incredibly boring, thank you. Please refrain from asking about it on a daily basis. Your concern (ahem) is appreciated, really, but it gets kinda tedious to answer the same question to you EVERYDAY!! (If you haven’t got it yet, it means, stop asking “How’s life?” everyday) Starting all your conversations with “Sup?” is annoying too.
• I adore katrina kaif. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep any smart-ass comments about them to yourself, when I’m within hearing distance.
• I hate trigonometry.
• I’m really not a morning person, and it annoys me to no end when anyone appears extremely chirpy at an early hour.
• Try not to send messages or post scraps which contain anything remotely like, “Fwd it 2 al ur frns, or u’ll hv terrible luck in luv!” My nonexistent love life is doing quite well, thank you!
• I like reading.
• I’m fond of philosophical stuff. If you think it’s below you, take a hike!!
• Do not litter the streets. Ever heard of “dust bins”? Yeah well, use them!
• I make a lot of typos, and my grammar is awful. I would appreciate it if you ignored the petty errors. I’m too lazy to go over what I’ve written.

traits of scorpio (sun sign) i aquire
• intense powerful and determined
•highly emotional and sensitive
•appearing cool and calm, but seething underneath
•Imaginative and intuitive
•secretive and deep
•can become the most loyal friend or the most treacherous enemy
•Loyal and devotional
•fanatically focused
•Mysterious, magnetically attractive and exciting
•Deeply resentful, brooding and potentially destructive
☺*** Suicides a crime! ***
☺If jealousy is d game..go ahead nd hate me.
☺*** I am not a player,i set d game..
☺*** To catch me,you gotta be fast; to find me,you gotta be smart; But to be me!!Damn!You must be kidding!!..
☺*** I dun copy ur attitude..i hav 1 of my own..Im gud & im gifted.. *** I dun hav an attitude problem..its supposed 2 b lyk dat..
☺ ***Basically don’t stress me,cz u can’t impress me..
☺*** Im an not a tease,its a reminder of wat u cant please! ***
☺*** It is a game now..n m not a loser, i top d rest..
☺*** U can thnk ur smarter dan me..but remember, im smarter dan u, ***
Well, that’s enough, I guess! I’ve effectively overcome boredom for a while.

contact id – cool_sanchu1990@yahoo.co.in


21 responses to “About Me

  1. Aawwww…. That’s so sad that you’d an accident ):
    I’m waiting for your news posts… And be well soon… All okey shokey dokey 😛 😛
    Thanks for all the comments at my blog… I haven’t been able to reply to them myself ): Was having my Exams…and now we’ve a class play this Wednesday… Then with Facebook, Emails… It’s really impossible to be active at blogging, too ): BUT you’re among my regular visitors…and I’m one of yours… That’s never gonna change 😀

    Hey I joined Twitter… Do join it if you like… You’d find the details of the website on the sidebar of my bloggie 😛 😛

    Have a nice time… Be blessed.

  2. SJ

    finaly adding up a new post 🙂
    yep i was wondering about no updates on ur blog..
    this comment went into span so wasnt able to chck it..
    yeah well tht is surely neva gonna change 🙂
    i joined twitter long back….had no frnds there so stopped using it…nw again m using it 🙂
    and i saw an update tht u r reading tuesday with morrie…u knw i read it almost an year back its an awesome book…i bookmarked sum of its quotes…i jst loved those lessons

  3. Do post your favourite quotes from Twitter…and I’ll post the ones I liked the most… What you say?? And we’ll dedicate those blog posts to each other 😀
    And hey do a favour… whenever you check your blog or have updated it… leave a comment at my blog!! That way I’d know that you’ve been online (:
    Actually you’ve been away for a long time…and I remember checking your blog again and again, finding no response… that’s when I ended up in rarely opening it :S
    It was nice having conversations with you… Keep them coming 😀
    Best wishes (:

  4. SJ

    yep i will post thm 🙂 tht wuld b fun 🙂
    yes i will leave an comment after updation…actualy thing is tht am really lazy so dnt have so many updates on my blog…bt frm now i determine to write more of blogs..
    and i am sorry for not being online for a long time…bt cant help it…i was almost paralyzed..
    yep even i like talking to u…its like always gr8 sharing views with sum1 who thinks alike 🙂
    take care

  5. M. M.

    Well, keep these posts coming 😛
    Gives me a reason to be in contact with you 😀
    And it’s okay… Hey what happened? O.O

  6. SJ

    alls well now 🙂
    nuthing to worry

  7. I really liked the quotations mentioned at the right column and images are simply adding their beauty =)

  8. SJ

    thank you 🙂
    courtesy : Mo 🙂
    she gave this interesting look to my blog 🙂

  9. Skydancer (Guardian Angel)

    I really agree about your sentiments concerning “SMS Lingo”! I’m kind of a fanatic about good spelling and grammar. I get really annoyed with myself when I let a grammar or spelling error slip by.

  10. Hey don’t put my name up here. ):
    Put Mo instead 😛

  11. SJ

    @skydancer 🙂
    @ Mo i will take care of that 🙂

  12. Deepak

    hie.. really deep thoughts sanchit.. read some blog after a long time n i must say magnificent stuff dear…it glued me to read the whole posts… will ponder to read in future as well…keep writing..keep sharing!!!

  13. SJ

    thanks Deepak 🙂

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